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Dating Advice
# 106 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:08
So the answer is evident.
Neither of you are really interested. Let it go.
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# 107 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:09
Penny you are breaking the rules of what a fuck buddy is....
# 108 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:10
You are only saying that to make me feel bad because I called Roy Keane a cunt, so transparent Super.

I need time to think about it but I am pretty sure that he likes me, I just don't know if that's enough for at my advanced age.

Ice - rules are made to be broken!
# 109 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:16
Someone said :
You are only saying that to make me feel bad because I called Roy Keane a cunt

Not at all Hon.
I've been quite helpful to you on the boards and I will continue to be so.
I'm sorry your charger shipped from Hong Kong. I genuinely thought they shipped from Europe.
# 110 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:20
I think you are tip toeing around the obvious at this stage. It seems he does like you but is afraid of the word most men are afraid of- commitment. Especially if he is in his mid twenties.

He wants the best of both worlds. Someone he really likes and is comfortable with and is guaranteed a no strings attached shag.
Be too pushy and I reckon you'll see him slow down things himself.
# 111 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:21
Someone said :

I just don't know if that's enough for at my advanced age.

30 isn't that old. Your eggs should still be fine at 40 !
# 112 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:22
Exactly. I am in no rush and I don't need to be hanging out of him at this stage. And I don't want him hanging out of me.

And Super, that's pathetic.
# 113 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:22
Someone said :
Ice - rules are made to be broken!

Even the rule of law
# 114 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:24
Someone said :

And Super, that's pathetic.

Whatever Penny. You have an issue with me.
No matter what I say, you have a bee in your bonnet.
# 115 : Monday 7-5-2012 @ 13:56
Don't try and make a fuck buddy a friend, it will only end in tears for everyone!
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