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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum...
# 76 : Wednesday 2-9-2015 @ 14:35

When you're young and do something stupid, you're just being stupid. When you get older, you blame it on "old" age.....
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# 77 : Wednesday 2-9-2015 @ 17:26
While on work experience, the supervisor introduced me to a man and said that's Peter. However she said "and thats Peter", which made me think she was referring to a different man. I looked around to see the other "Peter" and asked where he was whereupon she explained it was the first man.
# 78 : Monday 21-9-2015 @ 21:29
Student housing is notoriously messy.
Whether on or off campus. Dorm rooms or rented flat.
Social status seemingly makes no difference; upper class or lower class
they're all a mess. Just look at David Cameron when he was in Oxford,
his digs were a proper pig sty.
# 79 : Tuesday 22-9-2015 @ 15:45
# 80 : Saturday 7-11-2015 @ 11:24
From my Quora feed this morning

One of my favorites, which I didn't hear but was written up in a magazine: a US pilot on approach into Heathrow in England was not used to getting his altimeter settings in millibars.
- United 123, Heathrow approach. Descend and maintain 4,000 feet, QNH 1023
- Heathrow approach, United 123. can we get that in inches?
- United 123, Heathrow approach. Descend and maintain 48,000 inches, QNH 1023.

# 81 : Wednesday 16-12-2015 @ 21:29
Tonight I was at the atm and I put in the card to withdraw cash. Then my bag fell over and something fell out, causing me to bend down to pick it up. When I returned to the atm a few footsteps away to remove my card, this woman was standing there and I took out what I thought was my card but she grabbed it. I said its my card and she said no it's hers. She explained she thought I had already finished my transaction so she put her card in. When she pulled her card out it turned out mine was still in there. Bizarre
# 82 : Wednesday 16-12-2015 @ 22:16
Did she knock your bag over, so she could skim your card?
# 83 : Wednesday 16-12-2015 @ 22:24
Someone said :
Did she knock your bag over, so she could skim your card?

Nope. It just fell over.
# 84 : Monday 25-4-2016 @ 10:45
Quiz Show 1000 Hearbeats is on the TV in the clinic waiting room. I've seen it all now.
# 85 : Tuesday 25-4-2017 @ 11:46
Seen this on Reddit

My college roommate used to work at this chicken restaurant called chicken express. We would go eat at a location close to campus (this was not the location that he actually worked at) pretty often cause its delicious. So one time he tells me, "hey man when you order the tenders make sure you say 'shibby shibby' after your order. Thats the code to tell them you work at Chicken E and they'll hook you up with like 20 tenders." Maybe it was wishful thinking or just plain stupidity, but i totally believed him. We drove through the drive-thru and he was in the back seat. The conversation with the employee went like this:

"Um I'll have 2 number ones with mashed potatoes... shibby shibby"

"Okay 2 number ones with mashed potatoes and a what was the last thing?"

"...shibby shibby?"

"Having trouble hearing you.. a what now?"


"Sir I have no idea what you're trying to say, do you wanna pull around?"

at which point i look back and see my friend almost turning blue from trying to hold his laughter in. He totally lost it and I just drove off...

# 86 : Thursday 27-4-2017 @ 18:35
Was looking up Lottoland reviews and saw this. Looks like someone mistakenly hit the paste button

Someone said :
Brilliantly convenient. Good pricesAstounding to go back 15 years after a divorce and re-handicap someone else who has been prudent, for someone who was irresponsible with money, reshackling him and h

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