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The Artist Formerly Known As Cheryl Cole (Tweedy) Thread
# 1 : Friday 20-4-2012 @ 18:22
She'll now simply be known as "Witch". Or "Cheryl"

This is not an Appreciation...

She's back, going by the name of "Cheryl"

New song from her 3rd album (the 2nd album pretty much flopped and isn't mentioned anymore)

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# 2 : Friday 20-4-2012 @ 19:03
A woman called clotheshorse.
# 3 : Friday 20-4-2012 @ 19:11
Has she a symbol, like the artist formerly known as prince?
# 4 : Friday 20-4-2012 @ 19:32
Someone said :
Has she a symbol, like the artist formerly known as prince?

# 5 : Wednesday 2-5-2012 @ 20:37
Video for her new song

# 6 : Thursday 3-5-2012 @ 06:39
Not exactly epic...is it
# 7 : Thursday 3-5-2012 @ 08:57
What a cheap.weak,dated,dodgy,badly styled,boringly choreographed video.
Hardly gonna grab a lot of youtube hits and if its going for 90s retro then its miles off.
"eeee,ere i am wanderin throo a tunnel,ah think ahll jus walk up to these rapey lads like and do a little wiggle and a substandar Sinitta type routine in me vest an jammies"

Awful,just awful.And this person was "judging" others talent.
# 8 : Thursday 3-5-2012 @ 09:07
I agree. It is terrible.

I do fear it will be a hit though, especially as she's likely to perform it on The Voice UK soon
# 9 : Thursday 3-5-2012 @ 09:12
Dropping the Cole was a dumb mistake, marketing wise. Cheryl.com is already taken; by a cookie company in the States that has seen a massive jump in hits over the past couple weeks.
# 10 : Thursday 24-5-2012 @ 17:55
Album cover...

# 11 : Thursday 24-5-2012 @ 18:22
Is that the only face she can do?
# 12 : Thursday 24-5-2012 @ 19:51
Someone said :
Is that the only face she can do?

She looked great in her blue onesie.

# 13 : Sunday 27-5-2012 @ 11:41


CHERYL Cole leapt back into the spotlight — and into a miming row on The Voice.

The Girls Aloud star, 28, had promised to sing live for her first TV appearance since she was axed from X Factor USA last year.

But fans claimed Chezza lip-synched while dancing to new track Call My Name to close the show.

A source there said: “It would have been hard for Cheryl to have sung through the whole performance — it was such an energetic dance routine. But I’m sure people will be disappointed if they expected her to sing throughout.”

The audience including judges Will.i.am, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue leapt to their feet with thunderous applause after her big TV comeback. But hundreds of TV viewers took to Twitter accusing her of miming.

Holly Murrell, tweeted: “Cheryl Cole is definitely miming! Badly!” Jessica Scrivener wrote: “A bit embarrassing that she’s gone on a singing show and mimed”. Alex Shepherd wrote: “Blatantly lip synching... Such an irony that she’s performing on a show that promotes real talent.”
# 14 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 14:08
She's playing Dublin (The 02) on Oct 4th this year...

Tickets on sale June 22nd.
# 15 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 14:16
She is deluding herself thinking she will fill out The O2 in London.
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