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The Artist Formerly Known As Cheryl Cole (Tweedy) Thread
# 16 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 14:25
Someone said :
She is deluding herself thinking she will fill out The O2 in London.

It holds 20,000.

I'd say it will sell out easy. She has a massive fanbase (unfortunately)
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# 17 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 14:29
It wont. She would be lucky to even sell out at the O2 in Dublin. She should have started off this tour playing venues similar to the Oylimpia or Grand Canal and then progess from there.

# 18 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 14:36
I can't see her selling out Dublin because we aren't too bothered about her but she is massive in the UK.

Fight For This Love (2009) / Promise This (2010) were both the fastest selling singles of the year they were released.

Call My Name holds that at the minute for 2012 and is only out 3 days.

Anyway we'll see how it does.
# 19 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 14:50
Let's revisit this thread Friday week when the tickets go on sale
# 20 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 14:59
Someone said :
Let's revisit this thread Friday week when the tickets go on sale

UK shows on sale this week ACTU-ALLY.
# 21 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 15:09
This Friday then

I just think she is being too ambitious thinking she can fill out big arenas on what is her first solo tour that only has 10 dates.
# 22 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 15:54
A lot of people who saw her at the Black Eyed Peas a couple of years back, said she was very good.

Whether she could fill the O2 in London, is another story. Her album sales aren't amazing. Messy Little Pissdrops, her second album didn't do great from what I can remember. She released at the height of her X Factor fame, but disappeared after that.

Her new single is catchy enough. Will have to wait and see
# 23 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 16:06
Saw her on Graham Norton last night. God she's fucking dull. Hot but very, very dull. I hate the whole faux Simon Cowell ruckus. And what was that weird crotch dance about?
# 24 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 16:09
Yeah I noticed she's developed that rather unfortunate habit. I didn't like it when Madonna and Jacko used to do it, I don't need to see Cherly grabbing her undercarriage.
# 25 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 16:10
She might have cystitis
# 26 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 16:17
@ Will: it didn't seem weird when Madonna and Michel Jacques were doing it, but as Flamey said she looks like she has a bladder problem
# 27 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 17:12
I dunno..I kinda liked her on Graham Norton the last night, wouldnt mind seeing her and Katy Perry gettin it on..hehe
# 28 : Wednesday 13-6-2012 @ 16:07
Cole fans charged £350 to meet her

Cheryl Cole has angered fans after charging £350 (€434.77) for a meet and greet session on her UK tour.

The huge price of the package includes a ticket to one of her shows, a photo and one item signed.

The offer was taken down from TicketWeb last nightafter the Daily Star newspaper called Cole's representatives to investigate.

One twitter user, Kurstie Martin, from Essex, wrote: "£350 for a M&G with Cheryl Cole! After the jubilee disaster I wouldn't pay £3.50! No 1 is that special u should have 2 pay 2 meet them #Please."

Cheryl Gerhard added: "As much as I like Cheryl, £350 for a M&G is TOO much and not nice at all."

Amy Farrent, of tour promoters LiveNation, told the publication: "I think Rihanna's were a similar price."

Other fans pointed out 'The Voice' judge Jessie J, 24, had charged £110 (€136.64) in comparison for meet and greet tickets.

Cole's spokesman Sundraj Sreenivasan said he did not know anything about the offer. However after contacting the 'Call My Name' star's management, he assured customers that their money was going to a good cause.

He said: "All profits from the meet and greets go to the Cheryl Cole Foundation."
# 29 : Wednesday 13-6-2012 @ 19:22
I'm sure she meant 3.50
# 30 : Wednesday 13-6-2012 @ 19:24
Someone said :
I'm sure she meant 3.50

I'm sure she meant £0.35

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