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Bad News Thread
# 16 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 18:39
Someone said :
3 of my colleagues have died the past week. 2 by suicide - which is becoming an epidemic and very frightening. again especially one of them was a shock. he had just begun a new relationship and i had never seen him so happy.
that brings the number up to 18 i have know that have killed themselves the past year.

the other one is all over the news. she was found dead in her home last night. i can't really go into any detail about that as i have my own ideas on the matter and obviously for legal reasons. this morning it was said on the news she was murdered and this afternoon it said there was no foul play.
i got a phone call in the early hours of this morning about it. she had just txted me the day before asking how i was.
a lot of you might have seen her out and about as she was a regular on the scene. R.I.P D.

i seem to spend a large portion of my time going to funerals. this week has been particularly devastating.

You poor thing. It's very hard to come to terms with suicide, no matter what the circumstances. Keep your head up and don't be afraid to seek help if you think you might need it. Best regards.
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# 17 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 22:16
Jaysus Ice that's horrible,sorry to hear that,wonder what's going on?
# 18 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 22:18
That's awful Ice Sorry to hear that.

# 19 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 23:03
So sorry to hear that Ice!

Far too many people are comitting suicide in the last few years.
# 20 : Friday 24-8-2012 @ 14:36
# 21 : Friday 24-8-2012 @ 16:18
My first grey hairs have appeared this week.
# 22 : Friday 24-8-2012 @ 16:50
Someone said :
My first grey hairs have appeared this week.

I thought the shooting in NY was bad but this is just awful news indeed.
# 23 : Friday 24-8-2012 @ 17:15
What you need Stewie is a sense of perspective!
# 24 : Monday 27-8-2012 @ 22:09
17 people - 15 men and 2 women - were beheaded by the Taliban in Afghanistan for the "crime" of mixing in company and dancing to music. We give out about our lot here in Ireland but this really shows just how fortunate and priviliged we are to be living in a relatively civilised country.

Article here: etc ...
Seventeen beheaded in Afghanistan Afghan President Hamid Karzai accused the Taliban today of beheading 17 villagers, including two women, in volatile Helmand province, in a gruesome attack recalling the dark days of the hardline group's rule before their 2001 overthrow.

The killings, in a district where US Marines have long battled with a resilient Taliban, could be a sign the Islamist group is reasserting itself before the planned pull-out of most Nato combat troops in 2014.

Mr Karzai ordered a full investigation into the "mass killing", which a local official said was punishment meted out to revellers attending a party with music and mixed-sex dancing.

"Such actions show that there are desperate members among the Taliban," he said in a statement.

The Taliban denied involvement in the attack, which Mr Karzai's office said took place in the province's Kajaki district.

"The victims were killed for throwing a late night dancing and music party when the Taliban attacked," Nimatullah, governor for neighbouring Musa Qala district, told Reuters.

Men and women do not usually mingle in ultra-religious Afghanistan unless they are related, and parties involving both genders are rare and kept secret.

The US embassy in Kabul, the United Nations and European Union sharply condemned the killings in statements, with the EU envoy Vygaudas Usackas calling it "barabarism".

Mr Usackas said the mass slaughter reminded him of the brazen public shooting of a young woman in Parwan province in July, which local officials also blamed on the Taliban, provoking an international outcry.

The killings, 75km north of the provincial capital Lashkar Gah, occurred at the beginning of a violent 24 hours for Nato and Afghan authorities in which 10 Afghan soldiers were killed in a mass insurgent attack, also in Helmand, and two US soldiers were killed by an Afghan soldier.

# 25 : Monday 27-8-2012 @ 22:13
Someone said :
17 people - 15 men and 2 women - were beheaded by the Taliban in Afghanistan for the "crime" of mixing in company and dancing to music. We give out about our lot here in Ireland but this really shows just how fortunate and priviliged we are to be living in a relatively civilised country.

Article here: etc ... its

hard to comprehend how hideous and cruel humans can be to each other words fail at times

# 26 : Friday 31-8-2012 @ 23:32
The Taliban are at it again - 2 children this time - a 6 year old girl and a 12 year old boy have been beheaded in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

Their evil and depravity knows no bounds.

Article here: etc ...

The world would be better off with every last one of the Taliban wiped out.

# 27 : Thursday 6-12-2012 @ 10:29
# 28 : Thursday 6-12-2012 @ 11:46 etc ...

The worlds oldest lady has passed away at 116. Besse Cooper died peacefully at her nursing home. Its hard to imagine... She was four at the birth of the 20th century. Hitler was a nobody, communism was a radical untested idea, Ireland was an oppressed subject state. I'd love to have met her.
# 29 : Thursday 6-12-2012 @ 11:50
Assad has loaded warheads with Sarin gas in Syria. If dropped on Homs it would wipe out 1/3rd of its 500,000 people. etc ...
# 30 : Wednesday 30-1-2013 @ 09:21
Mates BMW M5 F10 was stolen last night by some lowlife w***ers. Just got a text about it.
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