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Shiny People: Why Are "Hot Guys" Hot?
# 31 : Monday 23-4-2012 @ 19:15
Someone said :
Is it possible it's less of an issue for women and more so for men where male attractiveness is concerned, pennylane?

As a male, not an issue for me.
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# 32 : Tuesday 24-4-2012 @ 18:48
Someone said :
here's a thing I've noticed now I've started looking at men.

"good looking" models...

I don't find "hot guys" hot. (does that make sense?) as in, I've never seen a photo of a model and though "wow, good looking!", I've only ever had the experience either in real life or looking at non 'photo shoot' photos of normal people, or in real life with normal people.

Its all about archetypes, im sure the majority of people (or at least far more than youd think) find these shiny hairless steroid pumped permatanned fairies quite unsexy,as "pretty" as they are.Personally a normal looking masculine bloke who is able to take care of themselves (and me) is a god like adonis in my eyes

Human notions of physical attractiveness are usually born out of the ability to gauge a prospective partners genetic health (via the symmetry of their faces,their musculature or their body fat levels) models,body builders and the perpetually young and skinny are subconsciously or consciously trying to emulate these signs of virility or femininity (depending on their target audience)

however in practice so much of this is now obselete and things like personal grooming(via peacocking), social and financial influence and the insecurities within the eye of the beholder themselves all play a role.oh yeah and HUGE COCKS
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