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Hot Transgender Women
# 1 : Monday 23-4-2012 @ 23:17
Here are a couple of videos dedicated to myself and the other beautiful transgender ladies who graced the floors of the newyork ballroom scene between 1972 and now

oldschool Ballroom Beauties (Fem Queens) (there are several clips of me throughout the video montage)

Video Link : Divas

Video Link : School Ballroom Beauties (includes men in the ballroom scene)

Video Link : Africa
ballroom legend Tracy Africa Norman nickname baby beverly johnson. She was photographed by renowned fashion photographer Irving Penn for Italian Vogue in 1971, did runway and work in Paris as well as non-fashion commercial work in New York. During her modeling heyday in the 70's-80's since she resembled the hot African-American model of the time beverly johnson, she found herself not only working for the third largest in New York, but picking up major commercial contracts with Clairol, Ultra Sheen and Avon Cosmetics in addition to being booked for and doing five shoots.She was making a name for herself in the until some shady fool ruined a sixth ESSENCE magazine booking for the holiday issue and wrecked her by revealing her trans then ESSENCE magazine editor Susan L Taylor. She went overseas to Paris and began modeling over there until she moved back to New York and became one of the iconic figures in the ballroom community. She was elected to the Ballroom Hall of Fame in 2001

India Ebony
model/video vixen/fashion designer

Sinia Ebony
Mo'davyia Labeija

Portia Labeija
Fashionista appears in the novel black fashion through the decades and is a well know new york socialite who was constantly photographed in the new york times style section throughout the 80s& 90s. Had a career as a successful runway/catalouge model.

Evie Sugah Pendavis Milan
was a muse/model for several fashion designers throughout the late 80s/90s including thierry mugler

Onjenae Milan'
model,makeup artist and appeared on several talk shows throughout the 90s including sallly jesse raphael, also modeled for thierry mugler, douglas says and jean paul gaultier throughout the 90s

Tanay Pendavis
Model & muse for several fashion designers in new york throughout the 90s including thierry mugler

Danielle Revlon
Alvin Ailey Dancer, Model & muse for several fashion designers in new york throughout the 90s including thierry mugler

Octavia St.Laurent
muse/model for jean paul gaultier, starred in movies paris is burning & how do i look and was an amazing soul singer.

Candis Cayne Westwood (Los Angeles,California)
Cayne, known as Brendan McDaniel prior to her transition, and fraternal twin brother Dylan were born in 1971 in Maui where their parents taught at a Waldorf school, and the family lived on campus.McDaniel graduated from Maui's Baldwin High School in 1989and then spent a year in Los Angeles, where she trained as a dancer.McDaniel moved to New York in the early 1990s, making a name for herself as a choreographer and drag performer.Unaware of "what a transsexual was" until she lived in New York, about three years after her arrival McDaniel realized that the term described how she felt about herself.Already performing as "Candis Cayne" at New York gay bar Boy Bar and as a featured performer at Tour in New York's Chelsea, the entertainer also participated in Wigstock, the annual drag festival in the East Village. In 1995 Cayne appeared in the related documentary film Wigstock: The Movie, the comedy-drama film Stonewall, and the Universal Studios comedy film To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, for which she also did choreography. Cayne began transitioning in 1996.In 1997 Cayne co-starred in the music video for RuPaul's "A Little Bit of Love" with female impersonator Jazzmun. Cayne also starred as the title character in the 1998 independent film Mob Queen, and won the 2001 Miss Continental pageant.In 2007 Cayne was cast as Annaka Manners in the 2007 RuPaul film Starrbooty.

From 2007 to 2008 Cayne played Carmelita Rainer, a trans woman having an affair with married New York Attorney General Patrick Darling (played by William Baldwin), on the ABC prime time drama Dirty Sexy Money.The role makes Cayne the first transgender actor to play a recurring transgender character in prime time.[3][4][5] She had a recurring role as the transgender character Alexis Stone in season six of Nip/Tuck.Cayne appeared as a judge and Dean of Dance, on episode 5 of RuPaul's Drag U. As a dance teacher, she taught three women original choreography to "No Scrubs" by TLC In 2011, she guest-starred on the TV show Necessary Roughness as Geraldine.Cayne has stated, "I'm not trying to be a spokeswoman for the transgender community; I just want to be looked at as a living, breathing, happy human being."She calls the LGBT community "the last great minority" and supports the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.As of March 2009, Cayne was engaged to a disc jockey named Marco and lives in Los Angeles.However they broke up late March 2010. As of early 2012 she is dating someone named Alex Grimmer, from Mar

Carmen Xtravaganza
A native from Spain who conquered the vigorous fashion capitals of the world with glamour and grace. Embracing New York in 1979 has helped sculpt the many trends of fashion influcing designers such as Marc Jocobs and Ceasar Galindo to mention a few. Now the Mother of the Royal house of Xtravaganza which helped shape Mega star Madonna with Vouge and being a dynamic performer.Some of her noted career moments are modeling for Francis Montesino,Kuka Gotor,Paco Casado and Appearing in movies Paris is burning, How do I look, 123 Taxi,Air Bag and many more. As a Legend said "I love you for loving me" David Ian Xtravaganza

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# 2 : Monday 23-4-2012 @ 23:19
Present Day Ballroom Beauties

Mariah Paris Balenciaga
Raquel Balenciaga (Atlanta,GA)
Shauna Balenciaga (Richmond,Virginia)
Carmen Carrea (New Jersey)
Carmen shot to fame being on Rupaul’s hit show “drag race”. But there is nothing drag about this transitioning beauty. You will rarely see this sexy latina in public unless its on stage or more recently W magazine!

Amiyah Chanel (New Orleans,Louisana)
Transexual that has been linked to several rappers including Lil Wayne, basketball palyers such as Carmelo Anthony & rnb singers like Trey Songz you will constantly see her at album release parties and other industtry events in nyc,atl,new orleans ,houston, etc she is a model/makeup artist

Dee Dee Chanel
Ayana Christian (Washington DC)
Stasha Garcon (Atlanta,Georgia)
Stasha has captured several national titles across the country and was second runner up in an international pageant in Thailand where she represented the USA with dignity and grace. She is a former Miss Black America, Miss Gay US of A, Miss Black Universe, to name a few. She is the current reigning Miss Ebony International. Stasha is a true Queen in every right and continues to represent each system by giving of her time and talents

Nadia Milan (Los Angeles,California)
The young lady pictured above is named Nadia Milan. She’s a stylist in ATL as well as an “it girl”, a model, and a media outlet gold mine. Miss Milan got the internet buzzing when allegations of a romance between her and rapper Lil Bow Wow surfaced. Media outlets like Sandra Rose, Bossip, and Media Takeout got wind of the story and published it to the world wide web just weeks after the two were reportedly “messing around.”

Lola Mizrahi (Victoria De Lepine) (New York)
Trace Mizrahi (New York)
internation fashion model has appered in several fashion magazines worldwide

Sidney Starr
Chingy, Eddie Murphy, and LL Cool J have all been linked to trans girl too. Chingy has been linked to a trans girl who has been dubbed a “groupie” on the Hip Hop scene and tries to air out and rapper who looks in her direction. Her name is Sidney Starr and she’s also been linked to Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy. Some people say she’s not a reliable source but if I know one thing its that every lie comes from little bit of truth. Ive even heard that the rumors about her and Chingy are indeed true

Gisele Alicea aka(Gisele Xtravaganza)
Internation runway model has appered in several fashion magazine worldwide and recently was in a movie titled the extra man

Lorena Xtravagazna (New York)
Lorena Xtravaganza is one of New York’s Premiere transsexual performers. Also Known as ” La Riena” her Beyonce impressions are the best the world has ever seen and her energy is infectious.

Paris Gotti aka Paris Xtravaganza (New York)
Model/video vixen was in a music video with kanye & 30 seconds to mars back in 2010/11 .

# 3 : Monday 23-4-2012 @ 23:38
Fabulous pictures and videos Onjenae and you look stunning yourself!
# 4 : Tuesday 24-4-2012 @ 00:46
Someone said :
Fabulous pictures and videos Onjenae and you look stunning yourself!

aww thanks

you look pretty good yourself thats you in your avatar right??
# 5 : Tuesday 24-4-2012 @ 22:46
so who do yall think is the most beautiful
# 6 : Tuesday 24-4-2012 @ 23:09
# 7 : Tuesday 24-4-2012 @ 23:30
Someone said :
Onjenae Milan'
model,makeup artist and appeared on several talk shows throughout the 90s including sallly jesse raphael, also modeled for thierry mugler, douglas says and jean paul gaultier throughout the 90s

Is this you?
# 8 : Tuesday 24-4-2012 @ 23:49
Someone said :
Is this you?

# 9 : Tuesday 24-4-2012 @ 23:52
Very pretty.

Were you not black then?
# 10 : Tuesday 24-4-2012 @ 23:54
Is Douglas Says any relation to Simon?
# 11 : Wednesday 25-4-2012 @ 13:33
wow very very sexy
# 12 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:13
Someone said :
Very pretty.

Were you not black then?

Why would you ask that lmaoo im come from an african american family mother is black and father is black yes we got white,indian blood but everyone identifies black. lol if you come to America in look at most african american families you have people who look damn near white , to damn near spanish to damn near indian but they all identify as black or african american seeing as africans come with several different phenotypes i hope you dont think all blacks looks a certain way ??
# 13 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:14
Someone said :
Is Douglas Says any relation to Simon?

naw he is an american fashion designer

Video Link :
# 14 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:17
video of me competing against my rival tanay at the shadefest ball in 1993

Video Link :
# 15 : Thursday 26-4-2012 @ 20:28
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