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My Diet Starts Today Part Deux
# 751 : Monday 16-10-2017 @ 10:51
Zero alcohol and snacks has heralded the return of my six pack
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# 752 : Tuesday 17-10-2017 @ 09:36
Someone said :

I am waiting for the day they will be sued on the ground that they provide this food, some healthy some not, for the purpose of keeping people in the office for longer hours. Leading to overworking and unhealthy over-eating.

They would not consider providing cigarettes or vaping liquid, so why provide so much sugar and processed fats?

They sold it as providing a service to their employees, but it will not be long before it backfires.

Oh piss off! Everyone says that stupid line that they only do it to keep people here, fucking stupid lie!

First of all, dinner is served at 5 pm, most people stop working there or shortly after and no one stays after 6!

There are plenty of healthy options, including loads of fresh fruit and salads and a a restaurant serving vegan and organic meals.

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