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International Space Station In The Sky Now!
# 1 : Friday 27-4-2012 @ 22:46
Look up to the sky to the west to north west direction. Look at the moon and then look about 25 degrees below the the moon to the right hand side.

It's the ISS - the International Space Station. Manned by 6 astronauts and scientists, it's the largest object in outer space ever built by humankind. It took 40 space shuttle flights to assemble.

Go outside and look up now! It's moving across the sky so look ASAP!!
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# 2 : Friday 27-4-2012 @ 23:54
there are only 3 crew at the moment.
The other 3 left this morning after a 6 month stint.

"A Soyuz space capsule carrying two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut has landed safely in Kazakhstan, less than four hours after undocking from the International Space Station.

Anton Shkaplerov, Anatoly Ivanishin and Daniel Burbank returned to Earth after a 163-day mission on the ISS.

Since Nasa's shuttle fleet retired, Russia's Soyuz spacecraft are the only method of getting crew to and from the space station, but the first privately funded cargo shipment - SpaceX - will launch on 30 April.

Plan your sighting opportunities in advance!
# 3 : Saturday 28-4-2012 @ 10:36
i saw that on wednesday night. a quarter moon being 'chased' by the space station. i ran in for my camera, stuck it on night-time, and got 2 blurred pics
# 4 : Saturday 28-4-2012 @ 11:38
I'm disgusted I missed that.
Was it only last night, or can it be seen tonight also?
# 5 : Monday 30-4-2012 @ 01:00
With the retirement of the Space Shuttle fleet, people think there is very little happening space wise.
Not so. Take a gander at the launch schedule for the rest of this year.
# 6 : Monday 30-4-2012 @ 10:20
It's very difficult to mistake the ISS for anything else. It's far brighter than any star or planet and doesn't twinkle and noticably passes across the night sky in the space of a few hours.

There will be ample opportunity to spot the ISS over Irish skies over the coming days - weather permitting of course.
# 7 : Monday 30-4-2012 @ 15:22
Saw this over Leitrim the other night , crystal clear sky no light pollution and I didnt have a bog what it was Cheers JK , im glad I can identify it now, in my boozy state I thought it was my rescue pod coming back for me
# 8 : Thursday 6-9-2012 @ 20:05
MacGuyver in space? Astronauts fix space station with toothbrush. Using makeshift tools that included a spare toothbrush, a pair of spacewalking astronauts successfully fixed a vital power system aboard the International Space Station.

It took hard work, determination and some MacGyver-esque ingenuity for a pair of spacewalking astronauts to fix a key power system aboard the International Space Station Wednesday (Sept. 5)

NASA spaceflyer Sunita Williams and Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide spent nearly 6 1/2 hours yesterday outside in the vacuum of space to properly install a pair of bolts that had caused problems for the pair during a previous spacewalk last week.

In addition to their regular spacewalking gear, Williams and Hoshide were armed with some makeshift tools — including an improvised wire cleaner and a toothbrush — to help them get the job done.

On Aug. 30, Williams and Hoshide completed a marathon spacewalk that lasted more than 8 hours, but the astronauts were thwarted by a stubborn bolt and were unable to finish connecting the so-called main bus switching unit (MBSU). The stuck bolt forced NASA to add Wednesday's extra spacewalk.

But, following last week's unsuccessful attempt, flight controllers, engineers and veteran spacewalkers worked around the clock at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston to devise a solution to the problem. Using only the supplies available on the space station, the teams came up with creative new tools for Williams and Hoshide to use to install the MBSU.

One was a modified toothbrush that was used to lubricate the inside of the bolt's housing after debris and metal shavings from inside had been removed. Another improvised instrument included a cleaning tool that had been made from wires that were bent back to form a brush, explained Kieth Johnson, lead spacewalk director at the Johnson Space Center. [Photos: Spacewalkers Fix Space Station Power Unit]"We knew that we had particles down inside the socket, so they came outside with yet another tool that was developed by the ground team," Johnson told reporters in a post-spacewalk news briefing.

The inventive ideas that led to today's spacewalk success demonstrates how well the teams on the ground and in orbit work together, and shows the dedication of those involved in the agency's space station program, said flight director Ed Van Cise.

And with the MBSU now up and running, mission controllers are now able to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

"Looks like you guys just fixed the station," astronaut Jack Fischer radioed to Williams and Hoshide after the MBSU had been installed and powered up. "It's been like living on the set of Apollo 13 the past few days. NASA does the impossible pretty darn well, so congratulations to the whole team."

And while lives were not in danger on the space station as they were during the aborted Apollo 13 mission to the moon, the atmosphere and tension in Mission Control resembled the experience during NASA's daring rescue in 1970, particularly as it was portrayed in the 1995 film "Apollo 13," directed by Ron Howard.

"Similarities really were there to watch how the team came together," Van Cise said. "Just the theme that comes to mind — we did make jokes and talk about Apollo 13. 'Failure is not an option' is certainly something I mentioned a couple times, because we had to get this installed."

Still, it was the cooperation of the team members, and the creativity of their solutions that made flight controllers draw parallels between today's spacewalk and the Apollo 13 film.

"The free flow of ideas from any corner that might have helped us was just like the movie and in real life," Van Cise said. etc ...
# 9 : Sunday 9-6-2013 @ 01:18

I've just been watching it cross the sky. What a beautiful clear night for it too.
# 10 : Saturday 19-4-2014 @ 20:25
ISS passing overhead at 21.02 tonight.
# 11 : Saturday 19-4-2014 @ 20:40
see if you can thumb a lift?
# 12 : Saturday 19-4-2014 @ 22:34
Good to see but not as close as last Monday when it was possible to make out the separate parts.
# 13 : Sunday 20-4-2014 @ 17:14
If you get another chance to see it, as of about 2 hours ago it has a new piece attached.
The SpaceX cargo ship Dragon docked to deliver supplies.
# 14 : Tuesday 11-8-2015 @ 21:54
Just saw the ISS, all i could think of was "they have fresh lettuce now."
# 15 : Thursday 24-12-2015 @ 15:15
How to track the ISS: Watch the International Space Station on Christmas Eve don't confuse it for Santa's sleigh! etc ...
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