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Nah To Na!
# 1 : Monday 7-5-2012 @ 12:06
Na (as in Sodium!, sorry couldnt resist)

I am trying to be a wee bit healthier and have given up sugar in my tea, even drank half strength Guinness as a wedding recently (I think it is a recent release). I have also bought LoSalt. It has 50% reduced sodium. But they simply replace the sodium with postassium. It sounds good but does replacing one salt (NaCL) with another (KCL) make any difference to your health?

Any medics online?
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# 2 : Monday 7-5-2012 @ 12:39
I heard those replacement things are even worse than the real thing.
# 3 : Monday 7-5-2012 @ 12:41
Someone said :
I heard those replacement things are even worse than the real thing.

I wonder is that why my cholestoral is 8.1, i am on lo-salt and artificial sweetners!
# 4 : Monday 7-5-2012 @ 13:31
I wouldn't trust loSalt. why not just half the amount of salt you actually use but still use normal salt?
Rock/Sea salt has trace amounts of sea minerals and comes in chunkier crystals and is known to punch above it weight in 'saltiness' compared to table/fineflow salt. why not try using a small pinch of Sea-salt instead of normal salt and see if you prefer it and find it easy to police how much salt you use? (most of the salt you eat is already in the food before you even touched it anyways)

if you cook you can do other things to enhance flavour, i.e., citrus fruits (juice and zest), garlic, chilli, spices and herbs.

And sometimes you can balance a meal by providing clever gastronomical contrasts instead of needing to prop up flavours with salt i.e. by having crispy toasted bread on the side or a basic salad.

# 5 : Monday 7-5-2012 @ 13:34
Ive been lucky in that my parents made me a pepper addict as a kid so i never really got hooked on having salt on everything....although i do love me salt and vinegar on chips

Its definately a near lethal poison in the quantities that some people take it and im sure in generations to come it will be considered crazy how much it was abused.
That said I agree with the lads who were saying LoSalt can have dangers too.

Fair play to you for sayin Na to Na defo try and substitute it with something natural rather than a synthetic though
# 6 : Monday 7-5-2012 @ 18:22
I was never a salt eater either, there is enough salt in every processed food we eat already. I bought rock salt for the wedding as I knew others would want it, but we couldn't open the salt thingy to put it into.
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