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Dating ...
# 16 : Tuesday 8-5-2012 @ 00:11
I haven't been on a date in ages. Not because I don't want to, just because I never really get the opportunity to meet new people who I could possibly date..if that makes sense. I've been saving all my money for my summer in Boston so I haven't really been going out much.
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# 17 : Tuesday 8-5-2012 @ 00:55
19-21 is quite a narrow age range.
# 18 : Tuesday 8-5-2012 @ 01:32
any other advice?
# 19 : Tuesday 8-5-2012 @ 01:39
Without knowing more about what you've tried, I'd agree with what's been said above. You (probably) won't get to know people by going to a club. Like a straight club, if you get talking to someone, either they'll be looking for the shift or else just happy to chat but won't think about it much the next day. Try making friends, and the best way for that would be one of the more social sites like here or Queerid, or the many clubs and socs about. There's plenty of sports clubs and social groups. If you've any interests, let us know and someone should be able to dirrect you. You get to know people with similar interests, you're more likely to be friends and/or go out with them.
# 20 : Tuesday 8-5-2012 @ 10:33
Maybe I am wrong but Irish people don't seem to go in for the whole dating thing. Normally we get drunk with someone a few times, have sex a few times and then decide if we like them enough to continue that pattern. Ive never really ended up with someone after they asked me out a proper date, the proper dates I have actually been on always went really badly and I couldn't wait to get away.
# 21 : Thursday 22-11-2018 @ 17:27
I am a lesbian but think it is not just gay men who find it hard to find dates, I find it hard to find a date myself. And the thing is most do not read the advert, some are men pretending to be women and some never text back which to me why text in the first place and then do not text back? Then there is the game players who have three on the go. I have yet to go on a date and find a nice woman without her thinking of an ex or who seems to like drama....
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