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Breaking Up With Someone By Txt Message
# 61 : Friday 4-1-2013 @ 08:37
Someone said :
What happened?

No incoming communication at all in nearly a month.
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# 62 : Friday 4-1-2013 @ 09:36
Have you been contacting them?
# 63 : Friday 4-1-2013 @ 20:27
Someone said :
Have you been contacting them?

Yeah, there's been some outgoing communications,
# 64 : Friday 4-1-2013 @ 21:31

All is cool in the castle again

# 65 : Saturday 5-1-2013 @ 02:46
I'm going to get slated for this but I ended my MARRIAGE by text ! I was married to a girl who kept hiding money from me, she used to ask for say 100 quid for shopping then only spend 50 and keep the rest, she also bought things online and never paid for them so my credit rating was buggered for 7 years. She also sometiems used to 'borrow' the rent money.

I was married ot her for about 14 months and even my best man said to me as I went out the door to go to the registry office 'you don't hav eot do this you know' I shoulda listened ! But I was 'in wuve' lol Anyway I got chatting to a girl from Newcastle (I lived all the way down on the south coast) and decided to leave the wife for her. I was working at a hotel as a night porter, she called me and said 'can you get pint of milk and loaf bread ?' sure I replied and got a coach to london.

I had to change coaches about 45mins later and wait 30mins. That's when I sent 'I'm not coming home, I want a divource, going to start new life, don't try to contact me' I then turned off my phone as I knew I'd get 50 million texts and calls and it wouldn't last the next 12hrs to newcastle. (we're talking geordie newcastle by the way)

When got to Newcastle I turned the phone on and sure enough there were loads of texts and voicemail messages, i deleted every single one of them and only contacted her to send the divource papers. One year later was divourced (a week before Xmas happy Xmas indeed !)
# 66 : Saturday 5-1-2013 @ 02:52
Wow that's a really horrible story.
# 67 : Saturday 5-1-2013 @ 04:21
from who's side stewie ? she was a horrible person, pity the fool who married her next. Sounds harsh but she was a trickster and a liar and a thief basically.
# 68 : Saturday 5-1-2013 @ 10:33
She obviously had underlying issues.
Ever think you might have been a part of those?? She felt the need to buy stuff in secret, hoard money and hide things from you.

Was it easy for her to be married to a man who liked to dress up in ladies lingerie for example?
Maybe the adult thing to do would have been to sit with her and ask why she felt the need to do these things?
# 69 : Saturday 5-1-2013 @ 11:02
I agree Super, asking for money.
# 70 : Saturday 5-1-2013 @ 11:16
Someone said :
from who's side stewie ? she was a horrible person, pity the fool who married her next. Sounds harsh but she was a trickster and a liar and a thief basically.

I'm sure she would tell the story differently.

It's lousy walking out without addressing the problems, it makes you nothing more than a coward. When so many people are fighting to get married, you walk out, end the marriage at the first sign of troubles. Great advertisement!

I really hope you didn't post thinking that we might sympathise with you.
# 71 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 04:35
@superfour, she knew about my dressing and was fine with it, we were together for 18mths before we got married. She even bought things for me. Ok maybe she was doing it to make me happy but she did it none the less. Yes maybe i should've talked to her, but why buy things and then not pay for them ? She lived in cloud cuckoo land, kept saying 'oh I'm buying my son a liverpool limited edition plate for Xmas' That would've been fine but she did it with my name and I got the county court judgement when she didn't pay.

I didn't know she was hiding money, it was only after I left her she told me she had been saving to take us on a holiday. Ok I wasn't perfect, but if someone keeps saying things like 'We'll move to isle of wight and start a B&B' but have no way of affording it, or 'I want to take you to so and so place' but never even look at hotels etc how would you feel ?

@pennylane she didn't actually ASK for money I used to give her money as I was the breadwinner, when I was made redundant and had to go on the dole we claimed as a couple and my name was the payee. She had money but used to hide some, maybe I was a little naive not seeing it sooner. I also found out she lied about how many times she'd been married, I was number 6 !!

@Shaggy ok so I'm a coward, so what ? but I don't see how you can objectively comment as you weren't there in my situation. Looking back on it I do see your point but we don't always make the right choices. I wasn't looking for sympathy at all, (in fact I knew I would get slated for posting it) I was just posting my experience and opinion as is my right being a member of this community.

Actually this is the second time you have attacked me for what I have posted and it's getting a little annoying. You seem to have a problem with my views/sexual preferances/fetishes/postings, why not just say so ? instead of slating every post I make. I thought this community was supossed to be friendly and accepting of people whatever thier lifechoices ? But the more I see your responses the more I am dissuaded from replying to threads. Can you honestly say you have never made a mistake or done something you've regretted ? There's a saying 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone' wise words I think, maybe think before you post a little more ?
# 72 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 08:05
@ Tania. Don't worry, the moral police are just trying to keep us on the straight and narrow so we can go to heaven.
# 73 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 09:05
Someone said :

so I'm a coward

I agree with you.
# 74 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 10:00
what does one do if the relationship was just phones sex?

Does one do it over the telling bone ?
# 75 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 11:09
@ Tania - it was a nasty thing to do, end of. Shaggy, like a few others, said it was a shitty thing. He didn't once mention your sexual preferences here; you did. You obviously haven't grown up much since the above incident.

And as for the 'B&B' comment, it seems as if you're clutching at straws there, looking for excuses for you having being a dick. Have you never had a dream? Because your wife saying 'we should start a B&B someday' sounds exactly like that to me.

@ 19% - so people who thought that someone getting divorced by text are now the moral police?
It's actually called 'empathy'. Look it up. It's kind of important for a person's psyche.
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