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Lesbian Scene
# 46 : Wednesday 6-6-2012 @ 14:10
Pussy cat club sounds like a lap dancing club.
Dyke Night, would that not only cater or appeal to a certain portion of gay women? Or maybe that's the point?

Neither can come (pun intended) close to Bukakki, for the most rank name for a night.

Still, at the end of the day people are going for a good night out, and if the effort has been put into making it one then great, fuck the name.
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# 47 : Wednesday 6-6-2012 @ 14:30
Why are they called Dykes?
# 48 : Wednesday 6-6-2012 @ 14:32
Because of their amazing ability to stem the flow of water.
# 49 : Thursday 7-6-2012 @ 02:07
That's a terrible name! Snackbox was also a horendous name. Dyke night I never really minded even though I hate the work dyke

I've only been to one of the lesbian bars in Glasgow as of yet and thats called FHQ (female head quarters??) and was a pile of poo the first time I went. Second time I was dragged was ok, but that was probably because I'd been on a pub crawl all day

I'm not mad about the idea of women only bars, or nights. Too much drama for my liking
# 50 : Thursday 7-6-2012 @ 09:20
I remember being in a "lesbian bar" called Vanilla a few years back during Manchester Pride. Full of Pink ( the singer ) clones.

I was scared
# 51 : Friday 8-6-2012 @ 19:31
Someone said :
I'm not mad about the idea of women only bars, or nights. Too much drama for my liking

I wouldn't mind a bit of drama in my life actually ;oP
# 52 : Friday 8-6-2012 @ 20:27
Someone said :
Second time I was drag ged was ok

So, you dress as a man when frequenting a lesbian bar
# 53 : Friday 20-7-2012 @ 00:40
Oh yes it can.

Any women's night is welcome but Klub Kandy have a knack for picking rotten venues. There is a gap there for a well run, broad based women's night in a decent venue.
# 54 : Friday 20-7-2012 @ 00:55
oh yes what can?
# 55 : Friday 20-7-2012 @ 01:06
Someone said :
oh yes what can?

Kubhla Khan.
# 56 : Monday 5-6-2017 @ 14:34
Very strange feeling reading this in 2017: etc ...

- Girl has doubt she might be in love with her best friend
- Both have had zero sexual experience before, and are conservative/religious Advice given by Mary O'Connor: - Don't do anything against "do anything that is forbidden" by your religion (she actually says "Church"),
- But best try messing ("dating, kissing and all the fun stuff") with a boy first to get a taste of sex
- Then you can decide if you'd like to do that with a girl instead

Way to go Mary!
You just advised her to alienate her potential girlfriend by messing with a boy, when what she is asking is if she should pluck the courage to mess with that girl!

Would Mary advise her to "mess with (another) boy Y", if the question was her doubts with a boy X?
# 57 : Tuesday 6-6-2017 @ 08:57
That was some seriously shit advice!
# 58 : Tuesday 6-6-2017 @ 09:15
That seems to be the jest of most of the comments in reply to her article.

In fairness, I am tempted to think that this was done on purpose, to generate some hype. They might have hope for a fury that would have put them on the front page of other media...
# 59 : Tuesday 6-6-2017 @ 09:51
Nah, I think she's one of them "you're only gay cos you haven't met the right girl" types.
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