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Ever Get Off With A Taxi Driver?
# 31 : Monday 21-5-2012 @ 19:57
Someone said :
Taxi driver friend of mine told me he picked up a lad in Dame,destination Windy Arbour.

About 5 mins out from destination, the lad unfurled his cock and presented it to the astonished driver.

Must get a driving licence then a taxi plate, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
# 32 : Monday 21-5-2012 @ 20:46
Lol I was with two taxi drivers before, but not at the same time. Always was into the great outdoors though
# 33 : Monday 21-5-2012 @ 20:52
I was once with one... when I noticed his green condom I knew he was a racist.
# 34 : Monday 21-5-2012 @ 21:16
a racist?
Did he get done for going too fast?
# 35 : Monday 21-5-2012 @ 22:59
Someone said :
Taxi driver friend of mine told me he picked up a lad in Dame,destination Windy Arbour.

About 5 mins out from destination, the lad unfurled his cock and presented it to the astonished driver.

it ended well enough, but my friend was not too pleased. why wasnt your friend pleased then?
# 36 : Wednesday 23-5-2012 @ 16:21
Lucky taxi
# 37 : Sunday 27-5-2012 @ 00:47
Someone said :
I did recently in Dublin South.

Met a guy, said his name was Tony, and we was in his 50's, well dressed and a little rough on the outside but a pussycat on the inside as you will see from my story.

Met him a few times in our local and only passing said hello. One night I was coming back from a Party in Terenure and hailed a cab who was heading "home" in my direction. It was Tony and he said he was finished and heading home and so I asked his for a lift. We joked in the car and I asked him was he looking for a payment as he was heading home and he smiled and said "I will need something in return for lift" and I said "No Problem"

He then pulled in along Marley Park and said he wanted to get out for a smoke and as I smoke as well I joined him. We sat on a wall and chatted and he told me about his night, few fares etc..

Then we got back in the car and we kept chatting and I felt his hand on my thigh and thought nothing of it and I suppose he didn't see me push his hand away, he continued stroking my thigh.

I was getting very aroused at this stage and I lay back in the seat to let his hand explore my thigh and crotch, and his hands were very gentle. Then we drove up the mountains to a quite spot he knew and I was never with an older man before and Tony knew all the places to touch me and I was enjoying it. He reached across and we kissed, it was nice and then a little more passionately and he opened my shirt and played with my nipples and the I felt his hand on my crotch and I was hard as a rock and he liked it. He took out my cock and went down on me and it was wonderful as I pushed his head down further and further until all of me was in his mouth. He was good at it, wow, he knew his was around a cock. Then he pulled down my pants to my knees and gently fingered me as he sucked me.

Then he reached over for some lube he had in a secret compartment in his Skoda and I felt a cold gel or lube on my ass and again he knew what he was doing. Then he lay back my seat until i was on my back, slipped a condom on his cock, climbed over on top of me in the missionary position and I felt his cock gently slip into me as he kissed me, my neck and nipples and more I could feel his cock inside me and it was wonderful. I wrapped my legs around his waist, put my heels into his ass and he fucked me like a stallion and I moaned in pure ecstasy until he came. Then he sucked me off, no condom, swallowed and we kissed.

He dropped me home free of charge and now I see him on the side or call to his house for a good session. He is one amazing horny guy and I am happy as well

Ok well now I've got a hard-on.
Yeah I've fantasised about giving a bj for a taxi ride home. haven't had any experiences yet, but I'd love to; some black taxi drivers are v sexy; and some can be kinda flirty; wouldn't mind going down on one of those boys.Mmmmm.
Damn, I won't be getting to sleep anytime soon!
# 38 : Sunday 27-5-2012 @ 11:32
that is super horny story
# 39 : Sunday 27-5-2012 @ 11:33
Yeah it got me real wet
# 40 : Sunday 27-5-2012 @ 13:27
jesus yuo should go into writing pron for a living petersirish i would buy it have you any more to share with us
# 41 : Sunday 27-5-2012 @ 17:13
gives a new meaning to getting a ride home...
# 42 : Sunday 27-5-2012 @ 23:49
Agree the deal before u start. If u are that "easy" there should be NP in being up front on your demands
# 43 : Monday 28-5-2012 @ 02:01
Someone said :
jesus yuo should go into writing pron for a living petersirish i would buy it have you any more to share with us

Will tell u another true story of me meeting a guy in Thailand in a "Tuk Tuk" (Taxi) in Thailand later
# 44 : Monday 28-5-2012 @ 14:18
Was in Pattaya, Thailand 2 years ago and one night in a “Tuk Tuk” (Taxi) where u jump on and off as it circles the City.
Was heading back to my hotel and sitting on the back and next this German guy gets on and sits beside me and as we brake or take bends, his thigh would touch mine and then we got chatting and it transpired he was actually going to the same hotel as me so as we chatted his thigh pressed harder into mine and for his age he was in great shape.
When we got to the hotel he paid the “Tuk Tuk” and asked me did I want a drink in the bar with him and so I took him up on his offer and we sat in the 2 lounge chairs facing each other and I could not take my eyes of his crotch as it looked so big. He caught me looking and I looked him straight in the eye and licked my lips and he got the hint.
We got chatting about the hotel and then he asked me what floor I was on and I told him the first floor and he said he was on the 7th. Floor and if I wanted to see the view of Pattaya beach at night I should come up, so I of course took him up on his offer. He gave me his room number and asked me to give him 15 minutes as he had things to do so I got a stiff drink to match my stiff cock.

I went up in 14 minutes, and knocked on the door and he opened it and was there in just a towel as he had a quick shower and looked good. We chatted for a minute and then he brought me over to the balcony and as I looked out he came up behind me, pressed his bulge into my ass and pointed to places as I wiggled my ass to his crotch.

Then I asked him what was his bed like as mine was like a rock and so I sat on it and bounced up and down on it as I sat on the side of it and he walked over, looked me deep into my eyes and dropped his towel and the most beautiful cock I have seen in years was in my face. “Suck it” he commanded and so I obliged him and licked the head of it slowly first, then the side of it and looked deep into his eyes and took his cock into my warm wet mouth and he smiled. He grabbed my head and fucked my face and as I gagged he went for deep throat him. I grabbed his soft ass and I sucked his cock like a child would a cold Ice Pop and he was enjoying it.
Then he pushed me back on the bed, took off my shirt and straddled my chest and as I opened my mouth he would slap my tongue with his cock and while taking off the rest of my clothes until I was naked under him. He did that so professionally that I knew he had done it many times before.

So there I was an Innocent Irishman, totally naked under this strapping German and going to be fucked till I could not remember my name or where I lived.
He oiled me up and as I felt his finger explore my ass his cock was in my mouth and then it was a case of 2 fingers inside me. It was lovely and now I prefer the “digital” examination from now on. “Digital” is fingers haha.

Anyway, he lay me on my back and wrapped my ankles around his neck, we kissed, he slipped on a condom and then I felt his wonderful cock probing me, but not entering me yet. He was teasing me with putting the head gently in and withdrawing it and this this for ages until I moaned in his ear “Don’t tease me, Fuck me” and then without any more teasing, my whole body shook as he entered my ass with great passion and I banged my head off the headboard. He fucked me like an animal and I was moaning so loudly until he kissed me, slipped his tongue inside my mouth and fucked me with his cock and his tongue together and I was in heaven.

I felt his body respond to my tight ass and he was moaning in my ear and I felt his body about to explode and in a final thrust into my soft body, he “arrived” with great passion and I could feel his sweat on my sweaty body, his cock still pumping as I held his ass and we kissed like I have never kissed a man before.

He held me there beside him with his arm across my chest and I knew he was not finished yet so we chatted for a few minutes and then he thanked me and said he would see me at the pool in the morning. I went back to my room and didn’t look after myself as I want to be horny for him tomorrow at the pool.

At lunchtime, he arrived at the pool and looked good and in great shape. I sat beside him and couldn’t take my eyes off his crotch and he smiled and I offered to rub oil on his body and he said ok. I did his back and the back of his thighs and left it for a few minutes and then he rolled over and he did his own chest and I offered to do his thighs and he lay there as my fingers teased his crotch as my hands went up and down his thighs and between them and I could see his cock was getting hard and so I lay my hand over it and said if he wanted it massaged he could come to my room.
I went over to shower behind a wall before I jumped into the pool and in a flash he took my hand, walked me up to the lift and to his room, when we got in we basically jumped me and had my tight swimming gear off, no oils or creams required as our two bodies were sweaty, he slipped on a condom, bent me over the dressing table so I could look in the mirror and he took me hard in the ass, no words spoken, just pure raw sex and when he was ready, he took out his cock, spun me around, on my knees and came in my face and mouth and I licked him dry.

We had a shower together and returned to the pool to continue sunbathing.
That nigh he actually made love to me like a lover would and in the morning was gone back to Germany. So I guess you could say Germany "conquered" Ireland at some stage this Century.

True Story

# 45 : Monday 28-5-2012 @ 15:11
an old friend of mine was back in galway two summers ago on hols from canada and got a coloured taxi driver to drop him home after club not sure how it got around to it but they both ended up n my friends room and my friend dressed up for him the best cock he ever got but only problem was he was back n canada when he told me and couldnt remember the car make,think ive been in nearly every coloured taxi sinse lookn for that cock but no joy.
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