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Apple TV HD.
# 1 : Thursday 17-5-2012 @ 21:52
I owned a 1st Generation Apple TV for some time now and was quite happy with it but when I got the new Apple TV, I have to say, I'm really impressed.

It's bloody tiny! and the power consumption is low too. I've ripped a few Blurays to h264 m4v format with great success so far. My TV is currently only outputting the AAC stereo feed but once I get a 5.1 set I'll have the ac3 surround track too.

One of the things I was really impressed with was the "airplay" feature. I was able to record a video on my iphone and then immediately able to stream it to the TV.

I'm becoming a big fan of HD content lately. Anyone else on board?
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# 2 : Thursday 17-5-2012 @ 23:01
Yep I'm fully on board with HD content - love to watch that format when I can. Lately its kinda spoiling my cinema outings though - everything looks blurry and jittery all of a sudden.

# 3 : Friday 18-5-2012 @ 07:52
Someone said :
everything looks blurry and jittery all of a sudden.

Lay off the poppers a bit then?
# 4 : Friday 18-5-2012 @ 10:51
*sniff* mmmkay
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