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LGBT Movies
# 1 : Friday 18-5-2012 @ 19:03
This topic has probably been done so many times apologies. So I've been on this little kick over the last month or so of watching LGBT movies or themed movies, not normally my cup of tea but I understand why now. I was wondering what are you're favourites?

P.s. I would recommened that if you watch the movie Shank do so when you've not been drinking wine!!!
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# 2 : Friday 18-5-2012 @ 20:29
I came across a list on IMDB where someone had made a collection of 50 LGBT films, some were mainstream, others more leftfield but some I had seen (eg Weekend my most recent favourite) and most looked interesting. Have a look see there.
# 3 : Friday 18-5-2012 @ 20:31
I thought "A Man of No Importance" was a lovely film.
# 4 : Friday 18-5-2012 @ 20:47
Amazed that no mention of Brokeback Mountain has come yet...
# 5 : Friday 18-5-2012 @ 22:06
Torch Song Trilogy
# 6 : Friday 18-5-2012 @ 23:51
You know I've never seen Torch Song Trilogy must check it out. If I had to name my favs I think they would probably be:

Juste une question d'amour Weekend Shelter Redwoods The War Boys From Begining to End (Brazilian) (good if you forget what its really about and concentrate on the falling in love part.)
# 7 : Saturday 19-5-2012 @ 07:13
Someone said :
Amazed that no mention of Brokeback Mountain has come yet...

# 8 : Saturday 19-5-2012 @ 07:17
Cowboys and Angels. Lovely movie. Irish as they come. Haven't really watched much else. My favourite launderette...meh!
# 9 : Saturday 19-5-2012 @ 08:54
Fucking Amal/Show Me Love is a really sweet film.
# 10 : Thursday 6-8-2015 @ 13:48
I watched two foreign gay movies this week. Both on US Netflix.

First was Four Moons (Cuatro lunas)- four stories from four generations of Mexicans. Pay attention to the character names or you might get confused like I did. Don't want to spoil it but well worth a watch. An exceptionally handsome cast doesn't hurt either. I shall be seeking out other movies starring Gustavo Egelhaaf

Next was Free Fall (Freier Fall), from Germany. A heretofore straight married cop falls for his new training partner. Both handsome dudes - I must say the chemistry in this movie is off the charts - the sex scenes are brief and tame but I was more than content with the sensual kissing and smouldering looks.

Would've loved to see more scenes with the two male leads but the second half of the movie was increasingly about the impact on the married cops relationship with his pregnant wife.

The good news, however, is that a sequel is being planned!
# 11 : Thursday 6-8-2015 @ 16:01
Boys Don't Cry
# 12 : Thursday 6-8-2015 @ 16:23
Maybe it's my impression but LGBT movies nearly always seem to have a sad theme.
# 13 : Thursday 6-8-2015 @ 16:36
Someone said :
Maybe it's my impression but LGBT movies nearly always seem to have a sad theme.

wonder why that is?
# 14 : Thursday 6-8-2015 @ 18:36
Mysterious Skin.

Though I tend to carefully select who I recommend this film to... sometimes it's misinterpreted by some people, the comments of whom ive read, conflating male Homosexuality with Paedophilia

Oh also, child abuse warning!
# 15 : Thursday 6-8-2015 @ 18:40
Someone said :
wonder why that is?

Ha, get ya. Either LGBT-focused films are dramatic or supporting LGBT characters in (sigh)' heteronormative' films are usually used for comedic relief or forced diversity.
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