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# 76 : Thursday 12-7-2018 @ 18:36
Wicklow Wolf elevation is worth a try and Sierra Nevada
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# 77 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 02:36
I bet in a blind taste test, most people would call Tuborg or Coors Light their favourite beer.
# 78 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 17:46
No they wouldn't because both are absolute piss.
# 79 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 17:50
Yeah maybe if it was a blind test against Budweiser.
# 80 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 18:49
Someone said :
No they wouldn't because both are absolute piss.

I've given up on the word "piss" actually meaning anything when it comes to beers.

If "piss" means "flavourless" then that is not Tuborg.
Tuborg is medium flavoured and balanced hoppy and wheaty (pushing more toward wheaty, which is why I like it).

If "piss" means "tastes bad" then that is not Coors Light.
Coors Light is too mild to be considered offensive to anyone's taste buds.
Also it is quite wheaty and almost not at all hoppy.

If "piss" means sour, that applies to neither beer. Becasue no beer now a days is brewed sour unless you drink Berlinerweisse, which I can put my house on no one in this conversation having ordered on a night our or drink regularly.

The likes of Heineken is "sharp" (lightly bitter and sour) and strongly carbonated.

The coldness and carbonation balances it's sharpness for the first few sips, but then it flattens a bit and warms a bit and begins tasting like "the smell of urine smells", i.e., warm, sour, lightly bitter and white-bread-crust-ish.

This is why Heineken tastes better as a long neck beer (small glass bottle).
Carbonation in glass bottles tastes sharper, rather then then the smoother carbonation you get in cans or draught, also cans warm faster, also, the serving is bigger so your stuck with more warm beer per serving then you are with long neck. This is why Heineken is punishingly advertised at such (a long neck beer), with it's trademark green glass and red star.

If your drinking pints, which do flatten and do warm up slightly as you drink. Tuborg and Coors Light are noticeably superior beers.
# 81 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 19:39
Coors light taste like watered down lager. It's flat, flavourless and looks like the colour of piss. Coors and Coors lite is so unpopular in its home state of Colorado that it half the price of other beers. Superior beer my ringpiece. Tuburg and Heineken are not a whole lot better. Generic, mass produced inoffensive watery lagers.
# 82 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 19:45
All beer is the colour of piss.
Sorry, I just don't take your opinion seriously.
You sound like a taxi driver spouting clichés.
# 83 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 20:37
No, not all beers are the colour of piss. However I love the idea of someone who says Coors light is a good beer not taking me seriously. That's hilarious!
# 84 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 21:04
Coors light averages 1.3 out of 5 with over 3,000 reviews (some very funny) on ratebeer which sounds about right.
# 85 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 21:12
you misunderstand.

I'm saying I try not to be rude when I'm arguing.
Your rhetoric seems to be bitchy and emotionally defensive, (sarcastic laughter smileys and put downs).
It makes me dislike discussing things with you.

Try to be more respectful.

Also, I said blind test .

OBVIOUSLY a massive database of beer reviews will show a bias opposite to my claim when I am literally claiming that people have it wrong about commercial beers because they are blinded by price, reputation and social status.

# 86 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 21:30
...Sorry that was a bit OTT on my end.
# 87 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 22:06
Someone said :
...Sorry that was a bit OTT on my end.

(bearing in mind I dont have a lot of time for himself).... Really??!
# 88 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 22:24
Carlsberg, is a nice beer.
# 89 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 22:46
A gaire member left a can of Coors light behind in my house after a party. It was in the fridge a long time but I opened it one night after running out of beer. I had one taste and chucked it. It was truly horrible.
# 90 : Sunday 15-7-2018 @ 23:42
Hop house 13 is actually pretty decent.
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