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# 16 : Friday 1-6-2012 @ 02:45
strange boy!

i've a pain in my gee now - this is ridiculous!
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# 17 : Friday 1-6-2012 @ 03:18
They don't sound like ordinary hiccups!

the most effective cure I've found is to take a deep full breath and hold it while relaxing your stomach out so the breath rests on your diaphragm, then push a tiny tiny jet out air (almost none at) through pursed lips for as long as possible.

This gets your diaphragm pushing from full stretch and stops it hanging there waiting for the nest hiccup.
# 18 : Friday 1-6-2012 @ 05:49
The best way I've found is to time when the next one is coming and swallow. It generally does the trick for me.
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