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Fair City (Fairly Shitty)
# 61 : Saturday 6-7-2013 @ 13:21
I reckon the only boxes are in Fairly Shitty cast members houses. And they don't even watch it half the time.
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# 62 : Saturday 6-7-2013 @ 13:24
I reckon the boxes are in lots of old households. You never see advertisements for new households to volunteer. It should be spread evenly across the population. Somehow, I doubt it's not; hense the unrepresentative ratings.
# 63 : Tuesday 9-7-2013 @ 23:25
Great to see that Carrigstown has won the war with Germany,the courts have told their ambassador to feck off sniping at the Fair City people,and not only will they not close down their little town,but they can expand it.They had been battling against RTE to stop filming as it annoyed them,tough! For zem,ze var ist over!
# 64 : Friday 2-8-2013 @ 00:10
Leo Dowling sells dodgy tobacco from the open boot of his taxi on main street Carrigstown in full view of everyone including cops,Leo has never heard of Moore Street or the ILAC Centre,Leo is a dipstick of the highest order and one stupid bastard.
# 65 : Friday 13-12-2013 @ 00:12
Yvonne's date rape and its effects on her had me not quite bawling,but in tears,very well written,acted and staged,with the millions raped every year,makes me feel that as a species,we are really quite low on the evolutionary scale.
# 66 : Friday 21-3-2014 @ 00:29
Bastard got six years. On another note,if you are pregnant and due to marry the dope Wayne,and don't want him to know,best way to hide it is to leave a photo of your foetus on the table where he eats.
# 67 : Tuesday 20-5-2014 @ 16:45
Tommy's meltdown continues,and all because he did'nt zip up his mickey.
# 68 : Thursday 10-7-2014 @ 20:20
As far as i can tell they are writing a teenage dike storyline int fair city at the mo.
# 69 : Friday 18-7-2014 @ 00:15
They sure are,great lesbophobic episode tonight with the mouthy taxi driver "Dem gays love shovin' ih in our faces"
# 70 : Friday 18-7-2014 @ 11:41
Can't wait for lesbo laura to get that barely legal teen in a headlock between her thighs. Haven't been this horned up by fair city since Eoghan and Liam shifted!!
# 71 : Friday 18-7-2014 @ 11:43
Just reading the fair city wikipedia, very entertaining. Apparently they once had a convicted paedophile playing an extra
# 72 : Saturday 19-7-2014 @ 01:31
Someone said :
Can't wait for lesbo laura to get that barely legal teen in a headlock between her thighs. Haven't been this horned up by fair city since Eoghan and Liam shifted!!

Durty fakar.
# 73 : Saturday 19-7-2014 @ 12:26
C'mon butters, why do you think that shop is called "the helping hand"
# 74 : Tuesday 22-7-2014 @ 20:39
Lovely lezzie lassie Katie is one fine actress.
# 75 : Friday 12-9-2014 @ 02:20
Pig ignorant father of gay Katy "It's my fault,I tord ur how to assemble a bike an dats how she turned out a dyke".
Exceptional storyline.
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