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Overheard On The Street
# 76 : Friday 20-11-2015 @ 19:15
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# 77 : Sunday 6-12-2015 @ 15:15
While this was overheard, it wasn't on the street

I went for a swim in the local swimming pool this morning. While showering, I heard the following conversation from the toilets behind the partition:

Man: Have you finished your wee, Darren?

Darren: Yes.

Man: Really finished? You won’t wee in the pool, will you?

Darren: [silence]Man: Darren, you won’t wee in the pool, will you?

Darren [in a puzzled tone]: I don’t know yet.
# 78 : Sunday 6-12-2015 @ 15:26
But that's the best part of swimming when you're a kid.
# 79 : Sunday 13-12-2015 @ 13:00
"My dad doesn't know I don't believe in Santa"

(Eh, you're in sixth class. He knows!)
# 80 : Saturday 20-2-2016 @ 22:04
In Tower records this evening.
"Do you have anything by Des O'Connor"
(guy checks stock list)"Not since 2007".
# 81 : Monday 22-2-2016 @ 11:10
In the bus yesterday at 3am, one junky to another: "I normally come up really quickly like a quick DART, but tonight I've come up a slow loo ass." I think he wanted to slurr LUAS
# 82 : Tuesday 7-6-2016 @ 15:59
(Not on the street)

In the National Gallery, at the exhibition of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. One of them is of a naked man, standing legs apart with his back to the artist.

In front of me was a woman with her son, aged about 6. On spotting the drawing, she says to the boy "Oh, I didn't know Daddy was in this". (The boy frowned.)
# 83 : Thursday 7-7-2016 @ 22:21
Kids playing on the green as I was coming home from swimming this evening.

A five-year-old boy kicked a football, and when it hit the gable end of a house, he turned around and sprinted like billio up the green.

Girl 1: "What's he doing?"
Girl 2: "He scored, so he's celebrating like they do on the telly. ADAM! COME BACK."
# 84 : Thursday 7-7-2016 @ 23:40
Read this elsewhere; Mother on Henry Street. "Well you wouldn't be much use in the Easter Rising, crying over a balloon"
# 85 : Wednesday 8-3-2017 @ 19:57
Garda on O'Connell Street, Dublin, this evening to a man complaining about the march: "We get one day, one international day, and we go bananas".

I don't think she was going to stop it for him.
# 86 : Saturday 8-4-2017 @ 00:47
Woman on the bus this evening, on the phone:

"Dat's a lie. I didn't walk around after wettin' me pants. As soon as I go' off the train I went into a shop an' bough' new tracksuit bottoms and put them on instead of me wet ones."
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