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# 31 : Friday 4-9-2015 @ 19:58
used poppers occassionally over years with no il efffects now can cause serious breathing difficulty the day or two after ..real scary sensation more poppers
# 32 : Saturday 5-9-2015 @ 01:02
Do use occasionally! But you get a very bad headache and also go 'soft'!
# 33 : Saturday 27-1-2018 @ 22:54
Does anyone still use popper
# 34 : Sunday 28-1-2018 @ 18:21
Did them years ago - gives you a 10-15 second head rush but your heart goes crazy. Not suitable for anyone with a heart condition. Handy if you’re going to be f*cked as it loosens up your hole. Poppers stink of dirty socks.

There’s always a reek of them in gay saunas.
# 35 : Tuesday 27-3-2018 @ 15:02
I use them from time to time. Usually I get them shipped in from the Czech Republic to where I live in Malaysia, where - surprisingly, yes, they ARE legal. I checked that with a closeted gay police officer, much to our mutual amusemement.

I don't use them as frequently as before, because they've a tendency to cause me to have erectile dysfunction, but when I bottom - yes, sometimes I like to use them.
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