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Skins / Decals
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# 1 : Thursday 21-6-2012 @ 19:17
Are you interested in skins for your latest toys? Do you find them garish or fucking cool? I find them fucking cool!
my laptop, kindle, mobile, psp, nintendo ds and soon my ps3 all have skins. I just think they look the business. If i could skin myself i would - maybe thats where the misspent youth of getting tattoos comes from!
I usually follow the theme of the wolf in my skins or else lightning in strong stark colours.
What kind of theme do you like for your skins?
or do you prefer them plain as god intended?

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# 2 : Thursday 21-6-2012 @ 22:05
I am not into skins, but this afternoon I came across these printable skins that you can design yourself!
Along side this temporary tattoo kit to print your own tattoos.
# 3 : Wednesday 27-6-2012 @ 18:42
I have these skins/covers for my mobile phone (Black) and one of my notebooks (Orange). An excellent way of doing two things at once: personalising, and protecting, your gadgets.
# 4 : Wednesday 27-6-2012 @ 21:44
Plain as intended,never put trolls on my pencils at school or wrote indie band names on my canvas bookbag(remember that?).
I don`t wear band t-shirts and am not a fan of labels and logos.
All for other people doing it,in moderation but i have always been more the type to whisper so you lean closer than shout so you cover your ears.
# 5 : Wednesday 27-6-2012 @ 21:55
You don;t necessarily have to have a label or logo as a skin. You can indeed cover labels/logos with your skin.
# 6 : Wednesday 27-6-2012 @ 22:01
Its crazy - the more shit you buy the more shit you have to buy to cover it or pay even more to impress others or just please yourself - I've dropped-out and leave my gaff in the morning with nothing more than a pretty basic mobile phone that I can replace within minutes should it get wrecked... its quite stress free
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