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# 1 : Wednesday 27-6-2012 @ 20:12
Is it me or do tgirls dress way sexier then real girls
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# 2 : Wednesday 27-6-2012 @ 21:31
Why dress dowdy if you are out on a mission
# 3 : Wednesday 27-6-2012 @ 21:50
I think they dress over the top (but this would only be the ones that I notice, if they are more understated I probably wouldn't notice). Probably depends what youre into in the first place.
# 4 : Thursday 28-6-2012 @ 10:10
Vegetarians eat more carefully than omnivores. For Tgirls -it varies -many go superglam -some go over the top and parody women or parody dressing up and some just throw on anything feminine over a hairy unwashed body
# 5 : Thursday 28-6-2012 @ 14:47
From my experience Tgirls put a lot of effort into their clothes/appearance.
Real girls dress as the see fit for work,walks,nights out etc. As they dress 24/7 maybe the same effort is not put in everyday which is understandable.
As lots of tgirls only dress xtimes a week it is easier to make the effort
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# 6 : Tuesday 31-7-2012 @ 20:20
tgirls are sexyer than normal women because they have a little extra that makes it more exciting when you meet for the first time and better dressed is a sign that they look after them selfs
# 7 : Thursday 9-8-2012 @ 02:11
They just look more luscious and sluttier, they want you to gaze at them thats why they dress provocatively. I personally love it.
# 8 : Monday 13-8-2012 @ 17:29
Give me a t girl any day before a woman. All the hump's and bump's of a real woman with an extra little package tucked away underneath that thong. Such a turn on. Call me t.girls.
# 9 : Monday 13-8-2012 @ 21:32
I love dressing sexy, personally I Dont c the point in dressing in dowdy frocks and low heels like an old woman!
# 10 : Monday 13-8-2012 @ 22:26
I always dress sexy - corset, nylons, heels, dress or skirt and top. Makes me feel good.
# 11 : Monday 13-8-2012 @ 22:51
I think they do
# 12 : Sunday 19-8-2012 @ 02:36
thong mini stockinggs canr go wrong
# 13 : Sunday 19-8-2012 @ 04:56
I like to dress sexy because it makes me feel younger and sexier than when I'm a guy. I don't think I'm very good looking as a guy but feel more attractive as a girl.
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# 14 : Tuesday 2-10-2012 @ 20:22
Of course we do we know what men like
# 15 : Wednesday 3-10-2012 @ 11:38
but we portyay an image...we are trying to emulate something we greatly love...the picture perfect woman.
Now if im in Manchester and Im out daytime..you will find me in my skinny jeans and top..but later.....
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