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Are Men Going Bald At A Younger Age?
# 1 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 17:26
I was talking to a woman about a friend of ours. she could not remember what he looked like, so I showed her a video of him.

She made an interesting observation. I don't know if this is reflected by reality, but it's still an interesting topic of discussion.

Do you think that in general, that men are going bald at an younger age than their counterparts a generation or so ago, at a comparable age?

If not, that's fine.

If so, how come? Chemicals? Stress? Food additives?
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# 2 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 17:31
I haven't really noticed that many young guys who are bald...maybe I'm just not observant. My dad still has a good bit of hair left for his age (he's like 56) so I just hope I'm the same! I wouldn't mind going grey early though cause I think grey hair is sexy.
# 3 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 17:34
I think it reflects the stress of modern Ireland. Irishmen are not getting their beauty sleep. I blame Edison.
# 4 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 17:49
I'm bald and now that I think about it, I see very few bald men about these days.
I started going bald when I was about 30 and it was a ten year process.
My oldest and best friend in Dublin went bald when he was 19. It took about 2 years.
Of the 5 sons my mother had two of us are bald; numbers 2 and 3.

If anything, I think there are less bald men than there was a generation or two ago. Why I don't know.

God could only make so many men perfect. The rest, he covered with hair.
# 5 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 18:28
Yes I think more young people are loosing their hair early.
Combine that with 1 and 2 hair cuts and lots about.
In my view its a combination of chemicals, the food we eat and to a degree stress
# 6 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 18:42
I agree, guys seem to be losing their hair much earlier nowadays. Started losing mine at 21. Fine about it now, but at the time i dreaded it. Probably a combination of genetics, chemicals and god knows what else.
# 7 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 19:26
I have hair cancer.
I need reverse chemo.
# 8 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 19:28
Are people going bald at a younger age? I don't think so. I haven't noticed anyway if they are.
# 9 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 20:20
I think its the same as ever,we just dont keep the wisps or combover.

Look at old photos,men did not shave their heads,in fact when i started shaving my head in the nineties when i started balding people kept rubbing it,i had a comedian single me out and call me shiny lex luther and a drag queen do similar and this was in 97
# 10 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 20:23
I used to know a very cute man who was 35 in 2006 and he suddenly developed a bald patch in the middle of his head but you couldn't see it on his bebo page.
# 11 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 20:25
I think thet are, but unlike men of years ago they dont try to hide it. Working in the tourist industry I see hundreds of people every week.
From what I see they tend to shave their heads and look pretty damn sexy
# 12 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 20:37
Someone said :
I used to know a very cute man who was 35 in 2006 and he suddenly developed a bald patch in the middle of his head but you couldn't see it on his bebo page.

Fascinating story.
# 13 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 22:35
Blokes are going bald earlier and getting lower sperm counts and its all to do with what women are pissing out, I don't blame women for that, scientists just have to make better birth control pills before we are all wiped out
# 14 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 22:56
*waits on Borstalboy* *dum de dum de dum*

Hang on a sec. Where's me locks!
# 15 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 23:31
Yes definitely
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