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Are You The Last Minute Type Of Guy?
# 1 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 19:37
Something Athlone Fun said in the thread in circumcision jumped out at me and has me thinking?
Someone said :
Men are infamous for not going to their doctors until the last minute or it's too late. Time to break the cycle.

More often than not this is definitely the case especially if there could be something wrong with our tackle to put it politely. I will throw my hand up and definitely say that I was one of those last minute guys. About 3 years ago I started to have some discomfort in my right testicle thought nothing of it as it would come and go so I thought it was just too much rough play with the ex until I did a self exam and discovered a lump. To say I was freaked would be an understatement but I wouldn't go to the doctor mind racing away with me with all kinds of horrible scenarios. It eventually took me 9 months and being dragged by ex to go to the doctors. I think my stress levels went through the roof during that time. Funny thing is after a referral to a specialist and minor surgery it turned out all it was, was a benign epididymal cyst. I put myself through a lot of unnecessary stress because my mind ran away with worst case scenarios and I was afraid of what the doc might tell me. I seriously changed my ways after that if in doubt check it out is my new motto. Funny thing is in 13 years I've never had any issues with going for my blood screenings or anything else, but when it came to my tackle all sense went out the window.

Would you be the type of guy who leaves health issues until the last minute or would you not think twice about getting it sorted straight away.
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# 2 : Friday 29-6-2012 @ 23:19
I went to the doc twice with lump issues the first time was a false alarm the second time the doc got a bit frustrated as he couldn't find it and asked me to show him where it was - it was the size of a grain of sand he found it got me an appointment in the hospital, got it scanned and it turned out to be nothing more than a cyst... lucky me - I left the hospital walking on air
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