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Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes Divorce
# 31 : Saturday 30-6-2012 @ 19:23
make-up, lighting, plastic surgery and photoshop

what's amazing?
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# 32 : Saturday 30-6-2012 @ 23:22
He's going to fight!


Tom Cruise will reportedly take further steps to ensure he secures custody of daughter Suri in the aftermath of his pending divorce from Katie Holmes.

Holmes filed divorce documents yesterday (June 29) in New York, where state laws will allegedly give her a better chance of gaining sole custody of the couple's 6-year-old child.

However, a source close to the couple tells Radar Online that Cruise is gearing up to file a response asking that the divorce proceedings in New York be halted.

"Cruise is going to assert that Katie doesn't meet the residency requirements to file in New York, and that both live full time in California, specifically Los Angeles," the source explains.

The source adds that the Mission: Impossible star then has plans to file for divorce in California, where he "will most likely request joint custody of Suri".

"There is absolutely no way that he is going let Katie have sole custody. The lines are being drawn, and this is going to shape up to be a very contentious custody battle."

This is Cruise's third divorce. He was previously married to Mimi Rogers, and later Australian actress Nicole Kidman.
# 33 : Saturday 30-6-2012 @ 23:50
The Sanctity of Marriage that mere gays are not allowed.
# 34 : Sunday 1-7-2012 @ 00:13
Joint custody seems only fair.
# 35 : Sunday 1-7-2012 @ 00:32
I just feel sorry for the child
# 36 : Sunday 1-7-2012 @ 00:39
Someone said :
I just feel sorry for the child

It's Katie I feel sorry for.

I'd say Suri beats her. She comes across a right total bitch.

She released a statement earlier..

Official Statement:

Please respect my privacy during this difficult time. (Just mine though — everyone else is fair game.)

I will be vacationing in the Cayman Islands for the Independence Day holiday with my financier, and going over my plans to seek sole custody of myself.

I appreciate the concern and the warm wishes.

# 37 : Sunday 1-7-2012 @ 00:41
Someone said :
Joint custody seems only fair.

Indeed...joint custody seems only fair. Unless there is something that we don't know that would cause Katie to seek sole custody
# 38 : Sunday 1-7-2012 @ 18:51
So the questions will arise agin, is he is is he not?
# 39 : Sunday 1-7-2012 @ 18:56
Someone said :

Indeed...joint custody seems only fair. Unless there is something that we don't know that would cause Katie to seek sole custody

The whole Scientology thoughts on raising children are a little questionable.

I'm sure Katie (if she is seeking sole custody) wants stability for her daughter and not for her to be raised by two very different lifestyles.
# 40 : Sunday 1-7-2012 @ 21:34
They could have joint custody and agree to live by Katie's rules. Failing that, maybe sole custody for Katie would be best.
# 41 : Monday 2-7-2012 @ 00:34
Someone said :
So the questions will arise agin, is he is is he not?

Yes he is a mentalist,as a believer of the nut job ron( bloodyL?}hubbard,he is indeed a retarded looper.
# 42 : Monday 2-7-2012 @ 11:11
Church of Scientology denies tailing Katie Holmes

The Church of Scientology has denied claims that officials have been tailing actress Katie Holmes after her divorce filing from Tom Cruise.

Holmes made the filing on Friday (June 29), with sources claiming that Cruise's approach to parenting and his strong ties to Scientology clashed with her own beliefs.

It was earlier reported that Holmes allegedly believes that the Church has had surveillance cameras and several vehicles tailing her in recent weeks.

However the organisation has released a statement via TMZ, stating that the reports are completely false.

The Dawson's Creek star and Cruise were married for five years and are parents to daughter Suri Cruise.

Holmes is currently pursuing full custody of the 6-year-old, whom she plans to raise in New York.
# 43 : Monday 2-7-2012 @ 11:23
This is gonna get messy!
# 44 : Monday 2-7-2012 @ 11:47
Murdoch slams Scientology as 'evil and creepy'

Rupert Murdoch has branded Scientology 'creepy, weird and evil' in the wake of the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split.

The media mogul caused a storm on Twitter with his remarks, which pulled no punches over his opinions on the religion, of which Cruise is its most high-profile follower.

“Scientology back in news. Very weird cult, but big, big money involved with Tom Cruise either number two or three in hierarchy,” he said, after hearing the news of the split.

Murdoch... caused Twitter storm with Scientology comments (Copyright: PA)

“Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop. Something creepy, maybe even evil, about these people.”

He later replied to 'attacks' made on him after making the comments.

“Since Scientology tweet hundreds of attacks. Expect they will increase and get worse and maybe threatening. Still stick to my story.”

He was also asked by followers his thoughts on Mormonism, and added: “Mormonism a mystery to me, but Mormons certainly not evil.”

It's claimed that Cruise's devotion to the religion will become the centre of the couple's divorce battle.

“There is no way her advisers will not be putting Scientology at the very core of this divorce,” legal expert Mike Paul told the Daily Mail.

“The only possible reason for Katie to push for [custody] is that she fears for the emotional wellbeing of her daughter. Suri is at an age where she will be becoming more and more involved with the church and Katie clearly wants to make the break before her daughter is dragged into Scientology.”

http://uk.movies.yahoo.com/murdoch-slams-scientology-has--evil-an etc ...
# 45 : Monday 2-7-2012 @ 11:59
BigBabyJebus slams Scientology, Rupert Murdoch and Tom Cruise as 'evil and creepy'

"Shower of cunts" was what he replied when asked his opinion on the latest news reports.

He does not have a Twitter account but he said that if he did he would tell them all to "Cunt Off"

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