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Coffee: Do You See Health Benefits (When Consumed Moderately)?
# 1 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 09:30
A number of studies seem to suggest that coffee, consumed in moderation, can have health benefit.
I would suggest to add: consumed without milk and sugar.

I see a benefit in my small consumption, but I am also worried of how easy it is to get addicted.
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# 2 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 09:52
It is easy to get addicted, but as addictions go it is not a bad one to have ! Go on, let yourself go ! I am down to four large mugs a day now but I make sure it is good coffee, if I am restricting myself that much there is no point drinking rubbish.
# 3 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 10:00
The recommended dose is about 3 americanos or 5 expressos.
(Yes, expresso contains less caffeine)

Do you drink it dark (like coffee lovers do), or do you sweeten it with sugar/milk (like coffee flavor lovers do)?
# 4 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 10:01
I gave it up for lent one year and i'm now more addicted to tea. But i drink loads of coffee when i am driving.
# 5 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 11:32
Someone said :

I would suggest to add: consumed without milk and sugar.

Is milk now unhealthy?

Coffee addiction is so widespread it is crazy.
I'm so glad my parents never let me drink it growing up.
# 6 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 11:42
Someone said :

Is milk now unhealthy?

No. The sugar is unhealthy, not the milk.
But putting milk (and/or sugar) in coffee means you do not really like coffee, just its flavor.
And it also means you are more likely to drink more of the stuff.
Also the question was about health benefits of coffee, which should exclude discussions about how milk-coffee is a good incentive for middle-aged women to take more milk in their diet.

So the question is, as stated, about coffee benefits, as coffee goes, as such.
(Note that non-dairy creamers are, like added sugar, less-healthy)
# 7 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 15:57
I am an out and out caffeine addict. I can't function in the morning until I've had my chocolaty infused latin lover And as I write this I'm just about to make myself another coffee, my De'longhi is the most used item in my kitchen
# 8 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 17:04
Great for helping weight loss also. I drink lots of coffee everyday,as I'm on the road a lot I find it helps keep hunger pangs at bay...strong,black,no sugar
Only downside....constantly dying for a pee!!
# 9 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 17:35
Can be very addictive. Gave it up years ago and now just drink black tea.
Every now and then enjoy a nice cup of coffee-but good coffee
# 10 : Monday 9-7-2012 @ 20:44
I decided to have on double-expresso every morn' with breaky and see how it goes...
# 11 : Tuesday 10-7-2012 @ 12:02
In the morning...
Coffee and a ciggie.
Its a double addiction but heaven
# 12 : Monday 7-12-2015 @ 00:15
Drinking coffee reduces the rate at which your DNA gets damaged.

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