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Passwords With A Vengence
# 1 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 10:04
When I left my first real job, I was feeling I had been treated poorly, and it reflected in my using the password "L1ke-A-d09" for the last month of my tenure. It did not help me feel calmer but it allowed me not to burn bridges that proved useful later in life.

And sometimes I change passwords to reflect other moods, like when I fell in love or got wed.

Do you tend to use passwords reflecting your mood?
Or do you have a "system". (Which could make it easier for them to be cracked by the way, however complex the system. If you do, DON'T share the system itself...)
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# 2 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 10:11
My last password "at the bank" was "h4Teful_k1P". Let's just say that I was ready to leave.
# 3 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 12:21
I have the same password for almost everything.
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