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Fat Of The Land: Your Geographical BMI.
# 16 : Saturday 14-7-2012 @ 18:59
@ greenmanpp
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# 17 : Saturday 14-7-2012 @ 19:00
Someone said :
come on man, I was implying sarcasm so strongly I'm surprised it didn't crack your monitor.
I'm about fucking 50 times that size. and how do I feel about it?

Sorry my bad. We AS sufferers aren't the best with social cues....
# 18 : Saturday 14-7-2012 @ 19:20
Ahh you're OK old bean. From now on if the context of my posts are confusing just behave as if every post I write addressing you directly is meant as a friendly opportunity for you to pay yourself a compliment. Or else you'll leave me no choice but to tell Gok about you and sign you up for "how to look good naked", and Gok'll come round and take all your cloths off you and put your naked portrait in a shopping centre...

...which you'll have to VISIT!!
# 19 : Saturday 14-7-2012 @ 19:30
Might help me lose weight though.
# 20 : Sunday 15-7-2012 @ 04:37
It's gotta be bad when you can sleep and you're doing this at 4.30 in the morning

Below average
You have a lower BMI than 66% of males aged 30-44 in your country
Above average
You have a higher BMI than 55% of males aged 30-44 in the world
And the country is Ghana
# 21 : Sunday 15-7-2012 @ 13:23
My GP no longer uses the BMI scale, she measures around your waist instead.
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