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What's Your Views On Drugs?
# 1 : Saturday 28-7-2012 @ 14:57
This might be a controversial subject, but allow me to state from the offset that no opinion posted here is "wrong". Everyone is entitled to one and hopefully the members who contribute to this topic can do so without things getting too heated.

My Facebook newsfeed's been lit up with people complaining about a venue in Dublin in which the smell of weed was potent and many of the clientelle (which is mainly of a young age) were either on drugs or selling them. By the looks of the opinions posted, a lot of their friends would agree with them in their disdain for taking substances and collectively they all agreed that venue in particular needs more security present to prevent situations like that again.

Personally, there are some drugs I can tolerate and others I cant. I'm young, and I'll admit to experimenting with some substances in the past, so I cant wave the moral flag at anybody about their lifestyle choices or how they wish to enjoy themselves, as to me I think it would just be hypocritical. The only thing I wouldn't touch under any circumstances would be heroin (for obvious reasons), and the only time I'd ever consider taking anything else would be at a festival (and at that, it's usually weed or ecstasy, coke wouldn't interest me as I've seen people take it and become arseholes).

I'd see no differentiation between a spliff and a bottle of vodka, personally, the only difference is one is legal and culturally acceptable and the other isn't. Both effect the mood and impair judgement, and both effect the body but physically and mentally. Perhaps I'm just young and foolish, or maybe just a bit too liberal, but I don't see an issue with certain drugs so long as people know what they are taking, know their limits, and have educated themselves to the symptoms and side effects of what they're about to take.

But I'm curious, what are you personal views on drugs? Would you have a no nonsense attitude about them? Or would you be fairly easy going with your outlook on those who take them?
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# 2 : Saturday 28-7-2012 @ 15:24
i used to smoke alot of hash or weed, depending on which was available, i gave up, and ended up drinking to excess, so personnally i feel if hash/weed was legalised it would reduce the drinking in ireland, i drink to excess, yet with weed, i was/would be happy with less, but i cant say everyone is like me, but when i drink i can offend people, not with weed, but i dont agree with other drugs, and am currently trying to give up drink now aswell, still have not gone back or dont intend to with weed or hash, but i dont see the problem if controlled, but you can end up in trouble if not carefull as it is illegal, i know the gaeity used to be full of people smoking weed, think its closed now, but this was all before the smoking ban, i thought since that came in people were forced to only smoke at home, anyway my view
# 3 : Saturday 28-7-2012 @ 17:00
Isn't it a complicated question though... I see three things about any substance:

How addictive is it?
What damage does it do to the user?
What collateral damage does it do to those around the user, and the outside society?

heroin's a no brainer on all three. Even though it IS possible to use it and lead a quote unquote normal life.

But the issue is really with softer drugs. Lots of people can take weed and manage it. Even more people take booze and manage it. There are people who smoke TWO cigarettes a day.

I never heard of a guy who had two many fags and killed another person in a hit and run in a blackout.

But look at the health bill from smoking.

Anyway, I'll start getting longwinded (or longwinded-er) so if you can handle it, okay, do it. If you can't, don't do it.

Which is bogus logic, as the secret serum of addiction is the lie it injects into the core of YOU: "Me? I absolutely CAN handle this drug. If only people would get off my case."

Without revisiting other threads of 6 months ago, it doesn't help when so many processed foods are so filled with salt sugar etc that more and more people are getting food addictions.

It's a crazy world out there.

I got into BIG trouble with booze. I stopped, for good (hopefully) 11 years ago this August. But I'm addicted to nicotine and caffeine. So, who the f..k knows.

Whatever, enjoy your Saturday night!

# 4 : Saturday 28-7-2012 @ 17:55
I think it depends on your personality, I've dabbled a bit with some of the 'party' drugs but I can take or leave them. It's been a while since I did anything but if I was offered something on a night out depending on my mood I may take it. I do find the comedown on cocaine especially quite extreme so if I'm in a sensible mood il say no.

But I can be quite reckless after a few glasses of wine!

# 5 : Saturday 28-7-2012 @ 18:33
Someone said :
Isn't it a complicated question though... I see three things about any substance:

How addictive is it?
What damage does it do to the user?
What collateral damage does it do to those around the user, and the outside society?

They are good questions to ask.
I also think different drugs affect different people in different ways.
If someone doesn't enjoy alcohol or can't handle it, it is unfair that they can't take marijuana legally.
Also, when drugs are illegal, the stuff being sold on the streets is often filled with crap that does terrible damage whereas the drug itself is probably quite harmless.

Video Link :
# 6 : Saturday 28-7-2012 @ 18:38
# 7 : Saturday 28-7-2012 @ 18:40
Regulate them - particularly for medical marajuana for Parkinson's Disease.
# 8 : Saturday 28-7-2012 @ 18:54
Someone said :
Regulate them - particularly for medical marajuana for Parkinson's Disease.

They should be legalised!
# 9 : Saturday 28-7-2012 @ 19:15
Someone said :

Teehee.. I wanted to say distorted. You bet me to it.
# 10 : Sunday 29-7-2012 @ 00:51
e's in the 90s.. compared to now is like watering down beer .. should be able to do a dip test before you tak'em these days.
# 11 : Sunday 29-7-2012 @ 22:25
Simple really, you either like them or you don't. For me it was just a bit of fun before Keith Richards used up all the good stuff after that I only ever smoked grass or hash which was nice until the only available smoke was skunk gave up smoking after trying that - its disgusting - feel really sorry for anyone that has never smoked proper stuff. Must be about 12 years or more since I've had a proper smoke
# 12 : Sunday 29-7-2012 @ 23:17
I was always told as a child that bad people do drugs and that if you did drugs u were a bad person too. I of course now know that this is not the case, although i have never tried drugs i have nothing against any1 doing whatever drug they want just don't ask me 2 do it. It is an individual thing some people do drugs as a means for recreation and others do them and take them everyday its a persons choice 2 do whatever they want! There is no right or wrong its an individual choice that's what it comes back 2.
# 13 : Sunday 29-7-2012 @ 23:53
I don't like drugs, but one thing I really hate the way most Irish people take drugs when drunk, I believe the mix of drugs and drinks is a gigantic problem here
# 14 : Tuesday 31-7-2012 @ 00:01
sex , drugs and on the dole..
# 15 : Tuesday 31-7-2012 @ 00:16
I've actually become a lot less tolerant of drugs over the years. Of the people I know who dabbled lightly in softer drugs there's a few too many with long term side effects for comfort. Likewise these days I seem to know more alcoholics than I thought. And as for heroin/methadone and Dublin, there aren't many clearer demonstrations of where an informal tolerance approach leads; I don't think the results are good.
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