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# 1 : Wednesday 14-4-2004 @ 20:05
Is life controlled or not?
Is our choices pedestined or do we have the freedom of choice?
Or are we the victims of causeality where when we make a choice we are causing a chain reaction where we led to another choice but how do we know where the gaps between these choices are and arent the choices in between controlled if we are controlled are we truely or are we here for purpose?
Can any tell me for sure which one of these is the right one.
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# 2 : Wednesday 14-4-2004 @ 20:21
Good skunk over there eh peadar
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# 3 : Wednesday 14-4-2004 @ 20:30
Try listening to the lyrics of Purple haze by Jimi Hendrix and that should do you for a while, Peadar. Then come back and tell us what wisdom you've gained.
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# 4 : Wednesday 14-4-2004 @ 20:44
Hey hey, he's back. I'll leave this one for you Anfor!
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# 5 : Wednesday 14-4-2004 @ 20:48
Movie Choice - Final Destination

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# 6 : Wednesday 14-4-2004 @ 20:58
if you feel a need to have your life controlled then it is, but if not things just happen because they happen. Of course things that are done and said influence future events but that doesn't mean those events were predestined. Unless thats what you believe. Its a individual thing just like everything else in this world.
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# 7 : Wednesday 14-4-2004 @ 22:00
yeah peadar is back we missssssed u sooooooo much babe
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# 8 : Wednesday 14-4-2004 @ 22:20
Hey Peadar how come you say you are 17 in your profile but in your classified you say you're 21? You should at least try and make them match pet.
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# 9 : Wednesday 14-4-2004 @ 22:23
they r like vultures waitin on male prey

i gonna be quite from now on
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# 10 : Wednesday 14-4-2004 @ 22:31
oh Peadar has long since fled the fort...the female siege is doomed to failure..
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# 11 : Wednesday 14-4-2004 @ 23:03
Oh shit, got here too late, Peader...Peader... come back we won't hurt you.
You do not have the choice, from what I can see you are being controlled by someone more powerful who is only interested in experimenting with you to see how much s*** you can type before you are turned on.
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# 12 : Thursday 15-4-2004 @ 10:46
i suppose in all things that there is always a certain degree of order and a certain degree of entropy. Certain natural laws like the laws of physics restrict our freedoms absolutely, and certain socially imposed laws restrict our freedoms legally, but there is still a freedom of choice, and allowances for diversity. after all, even the second law of thermodynamics allows for the presence of entropy and disorder.

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# 13 : Thursday 15-4-2004 @ 11:13
In fairness I think this latest post from Peader is far more palatable than his other posts which include the legalisation of necrophilia.
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# 14 : Thursday 15-4-2004 @ 18:32
Yes Thomas, you are right, Peader post away but try not to be offensive, please you just leave yourself open to abuse.
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# 15 : Thursday 15-4-2004 @ 18:34
Maybe thats what he's after
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