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Why No Chat Room?
# 31 : Monday 31-5-2021 @ 12:22
The reason why Gaire doesn’t have a chat room facility is because when we did in the early years of the message boards, it was abused by some posters at the time and there were other posters who were very unhappy at the tone of many of the chats - which led to a few bans and sanctions IIRC.

Unsurprisingly the chat room was scrapped. Very much doubt it will be coming back.
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# 32 : Monday 31-5-2021 @ 15:23
Sure a post saying ASL, can you accom, what you into, you got a face pic could be just the same as a chat?
# 33 : Wednesday 2-6-2021 @ 19:32
Someone said :

You still got the outfit?

You would not want me nursing you lol I'd make nurse Ratched look like Mother Teresa
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