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Android Vs Apple
# 61 : Saturday 23-9-2017 @ 10:49
Someone said :
Finally finished with Apple products.
I switched to a Lenovo tab several months ago and bought a Xiaomi Redmi note 4 with 64gb storage and 4gb of ram this week.

Absolutely brilliant phone.

Cool - definitely more bang for your buck with Android.
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# 62 : Saturday 23-9-2017 @ 11:57
Always been an Android user.
# 63 : Sunday 24-9-2017 @ 10:17
Someone said :
Cool - definitely more bang for your buck with Android.

My mate has the iPhone 7 and he is spitting fire after playing around with my Xiaomi.
He is going to sell his iPhone and buy the same model (he will be left with money in his pocket too).

The battery is a beast at 4100mah Vs his iPhone 7's 1960mah.

Video Link :
# 64 : Sunday 24-9-2017 @ 11:04
Someone said :
Cool - definitely more bang for your buck with Android.

I think I'll stick with my personal details being read by the CIA rather than Chinese intelligence, for now.
# 65 : Sunday 24-9-2017 @ 13:15
The Chinese are notorious for replacing / cloning phones of visiting tech journalists but that requires an actual visit to China - don't see why they would bother monitoring your web data unless you were a person of interest to them. Same applies to the CIA.

I'm more concerned about tracking cookies and excessive adverts on all the major retail and media websites. Luckily both Android and Apple have ways and means to block them.

The main downside of Apple for me is the restrictive OS and the grossly unjustifiable price. Android is way more customisable.
# 66 : Sunday 24-9-2017 @ 13:17
I've never used anything Apple. I have a Windows PC and an Android phone and they're fine, I know how to use them and have never felt the need to explore the world of Iphones and Macs.
# 67 : Sunday 24-9-2017 @ 13:50
I was a big fan of the 3Gs and the 4S iPhones and the iPad for a time but the innovation dried up when Jobs died and then the prices went astronomical.
# 68 : Monday 25-9-2017 @ 23:12
Crazy that new one is over a grand
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