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Meeting Young Gay Guys
# 1 : Thursday 16-8-2012 @ 08:40
wondering, where do guys go for casual meetings?looking to meet 20/24yr old. is there anywhere out on the street guys hang out? or must i go into a pub-im a not a big drinker! all advise welcome
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# 2 : Thursday 16-8-2012 @ 08:59
There is a place somewhere - think its called paradise - mentioned in the bible a few times.
# 3 : Thursday 16-8-2012 @ 09:15
It’s sometimes called cruising
# 4 : Thursday 16-8-2012 @ 10:27
its sometimes called the furry glen
# 5 : Friday 17-8-2012 @ 10:55
thank you for those!
so gumtree? or somewhere like that /?and place a ad?
and as far as going out for a bite by myself and a coffee, where should i sit in dublin and hope to b noticed :-)
# 6 : Friday 17-8-2012 @ 11:01
Go to a gay bar, otherwise your just a guy sitting on the street.
They sell soft drinks in pubs now.
# 7 : Friday 17-8-2012 @ 11:01
I don’t think gumtree do such ads anymore. You can always try the classifieds here

As for getting noticed on the street. It happens all the time in general. i.e., you are out and about and you see someone attractive and vice versa. I don’t think any person would go up to another person on the street and say….”Wow you’re hot, fancy a shag?”

Sounds like the places you need to go are cruising areas.

# 8 : Friday 17-8-2012 @ 13:33
i will visit some coffee shops in temple bar and c how it goes.i wud love to go to pubs, but i would be too afraid someone i know will c me.i am no out, and never intent to be, so i need to be descreet. i will try some cruising areas ,killiney hill...etc and hope i meet someone and hope i dont meet a weirdo.thanks for the info guys.
# 9 : Friday 17-8-2012 @ 13:42
Hi Adrian

Welcome to Gaire. Cruising can be a dangerous activity, and if it results in sex in public is illegal.

Having said that if you want to give it a try you should look up

You can meet people through the classified section here or on

You'll probably be disappointed if you're hoping to meet people on the street or in some random cafe.

You could also look up outhouse on Capel Street. They host lots of clubs for gay types, most of which don't involve alcohol.

Good luck with your search, I hope you meet someone nice.
# 10 : Friday 17-8-2012 @ 17:46
Someone said :
its sometimes called the furry glen

The Furry Glen is awesome...can't wait to go to the next night.
# 11 : Sunday 19-8-2012 @ 15:42
Someone said :
The Furry Glen is awesome...can't wait to go to the next night.

I'm not sure that meddler and Stewie are talking about the same Furry Glen!
# 12 : Sunday 19-8-2012 @ 16:21
You're trying to have your bread buttered on both sides.

If you "never intend to be out", then what are you playing at?
# 13 : Sunday 19-8-2012 @ 17:39
Someone said :
I'm not sure that meddler and Stewie are talking about the same Furry Glen!

I thought Stewies ass was the furry glen?

A hot sweaty tight spot visited frequently by big hairy older men? im sorry stewie you know i love ye X
# 14 : Sunday 19-8-2012 @ 17:58
contact belong - to nvr intend to be out ... your choice ... but why deny who you are?

and until you accept your self you can nver accept others.... I hope you have a light bulb moment before like me - 29!

all the best and be safet ..

# 15 : Sunday 19-8-2012 @ 18:02
belong to... x

google them x

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