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Tattoo And Piercing Thread
# 1 : Monday 20-8-2012 @ 21:12
I think the last one was taken with the cull.

While I was gone for my wander I got six dragonflies on my back which are very hard to photograph.
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# 2 : Monday 20-8-2012 @ 21:27
Helped design a friend's tattoo today whilst dossing during work, was fairly chuffed with it.
It was an Ambigram of 'Spirit Within' done in the Infinity shape... took a while. :P
# 3 : Monday 20-8-2012 @ 23:56
Tongue pierced and one tattoo on my upper arm. Getting another tattoo on my ribs very soon.
# 4 : Tuesday 21-8-2012 @ 00:03
I think tattoos / piercings are hot...kinda wanna get something done before coming home.
# 5 : Tuesday 21-8-2012 @ 00:12
I used to have three piercings. My upper ear, my left eyebrow and just below my lower lip. That one fell out the day I got it when I was eating my dinner that evening

No tattoos yet, but thinking of getting one but not sure what to get.
# 6 : Tuesday 21-8-2012 @ 01:05
I've a tongue piercing and 9 tattoos. The nice weather has enabled me to show off the newest addition which has been getting good reviews
# 7 : Tuesday 21-8-2012 @ 09:24
I got my first tattoo yesterday ...

Have piercings ripped one out in an accident recently
# 8 : Tuesday 21-8-2012 @ 20:42
tattoos have to be cafefully thought out befor having and have to mean something to you not somebody else
# 9 : Wednesday 22-8-2012 @ 17:52
Exactly Miki, I try and plan mine for awhile before going for the next as we are pretty much stuck with them once they are on.
# 10 : Wednesday 22-8-2012 @ 18:14
Im getting my head pierced.
# 11 : Wednesday 22-8-2012 @ 18:33
Have four tattoos,dying to get more done but you cant eat or get drunk on tattoos so other priorities.Theres a huge proliferation of tattoo parlours in the city centre and where I live,so id expected the price of them (in reputable parlours) to go down but the kind of work Id be lookin for is still 150-200€ for somethin relatively small

I think they are sexy on lads but in the right places and with the right designs.
ie pretentious,overly earnest or depressing emo ones are not my cup of tea.likewise men having them on their lower back like tramp stamps are a big turn off though im sure some people love them

I suppose with all the crazy young people blowin money on ink they aint spending it on drugs ...christ im turning in to my father, at 30
# 12 : Wednesday 22-8-2012 @ 18:43
I had lots and lots of piercings. Eyebrow, nose, tongue, elsewheres. Only ever had one tattoo, on my wrist... about Eve and making mistakes. Had no reason ever to have another one, although I do love the feeling of getting inked. Not the pain of it, but the feeling of someone concentrating on what they are doing. (sort of like when someone concentrates on putting your make-up on you)
# 13 : Wednesday 22-8-2012 @ 19:41
I don't get tattoos. Either aesthetically or otherwise, I do not understand.
# 14 : Monday 3-9-2012 @ 13:15
Someone said :
I think tattoos / piercings are hot...kinda wanna get something done before coming home.

Did you?

I wann get my eyebrow repierced. I took it out cos I wanted to wear swimming goggles and the piercing got in the way but I regret it now.
# 15 : Tuesday 11-9-2012 @ 19:09
Wheres good for getting the inner earlobe part done in dublin city or southside of the city. The tragus part. Like here....
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