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Tattoo And Piercing Thread
# 16 : Tuesday 11-9-2012 @ 19:14
I've got two, both on my shoulder blades, and both are wild but very well revered animals that are close to extinction. I'll never regret getting them, both represent something to me (I could get into that but it makes more sense if I explain it in person lol). Ideally by the time I'm dead and buried I'll have just one large piece of art going down my entire back.
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# 17 : Saturday 29-9-2012 @ 01:42
gort the earpierced in the end. Thanks for all the help people. Not sore at all ad only 25e. Temple Bar rocks
# 18 : Saturday 29-9-2012 @ 09:38
Pics please!
# 19 : Friday 12-10-2012 @ 07:41

Got my eyebrow pierced again yesterday!
# 20 : Sunday 14-10-2012 @ 17:33
Just found an artist in Dublin who only works with vegan ink Just need to find money. Don't have much of that lying around. I've also been dying to get something else pierced. Don't know what I want yet but I'm sure other people know the feeling.
# 21 : Sunday 14-10-2012 @ 17:36
Why not pierce your hoo ha?
# 22 : Sunday 14-10-2012 @ 17:43
Liking the eyebrow btw.
# 23 : Sunday 14-10-2012 @ 18:12

Thanks! It's great to have it back! The guy who did it looked about 15 and wasn't very good. He did it too slowly so it hurt more than it should. It also bled a bit, I never bleed. But doesn't matter, happy how it turned out.
# 24 : Thursday 14-3-2013 @ 17:19
I am thinking of getting my left leg coloured in, perhaps an ocean theme, I already have a massive Jellyfish and dragon on it.
# 25 : Friday 10-5-2013 @ 13:32
Someone said :
I am thinking of getting my left leg coloured in, perhaps an ocean theme, I already have a massive Jellyfish and dragon on it.

Did you get anything done in the end?

I'm not thinking getting any new tattoos for now. I only have one which I would like to refresh a bit, looks a bit faded but that's it.

I'm itching to get new piercings, though.

I may get some more in my ear(s).

Maybe something like this (minus the amazing dragon one!)

# 26 : Friday 10-5-2013 @ 14:32
You'll never make it into Jewish heaven people!
# 27 : Friday 10-5-2013 @ 14:33
Pffft!! Like that's a bad thing!
# 28 : Friday 10-5-2013 @ 16:22
Someone said :

Did you get anything done in the end?

Nope, my tattoo artist left the country a few months ago and I'm not sure I'd trust someone else with my body yet.

Aww Tripper you mean I'm not going to see my grandparents after I die?! Ah well
# 29 : Friday 10-5-2013 @ 16:54
I assume Jewish heaven is the same as the Christian one, no?
# 30 : Sunday 25-8-2013 @ 22:05
Cheryl's rose tattoo is hideous beyond belief.

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