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Tattoo And Piercing Thread
# 91 : Friday 18-12-2015 @ 17:18
That's interesting considering so many people of different ages and backgrounds have them. Obviously these "some people" are judgemental twats.
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# 92 : Friday 18-12-2015 @ 17:34
Someone said :
Are tattoos associated with "bad people"?

At one time maybe. It was a prison thing with the like of getting Swallows on your hands and dots on parts of your face, but its come a long way since then.
One young lad I know got a Swallow done on each hand between the thumb and forefinger in memory of his dad, I said it might impede his employments prospects - but he explains to potential employers why he done it. I've employed him, a supermarket employed him and he's currently working full time at a bookies - well done him
# 93 : Friday 18-12-2015 @ 17:39
I have 3 tattoos. Most people love them. No one ever said anything negative to me anyway. Have a massive dragon on my back. Its pure black and I got it because I love fantasy stuff, especially dragons. Plus I am a senior professional in a financial services company and certainly not a chav chavs are hot tho
# 94 : Friday 18-12-2015 @ 18:19
Does it say Enter the Dragon above your arse?
# 95 : Friday 18-12-2015 @ 18:27

# 96 : Friday 18-12-2015 @ 18:32
# 97 : Friday 18-12-2015 @ 19:29
# 98 : Friday 18-12-2015 @ 19:39
Someone said :
Does it say Enter the Dragon above your arse?

Not tattooed on but I write it there sometimes
# 99 : Friday 18-12-2015 @ 22:46
A lot of them are very artistic,Erytheis tats are georgous,but on the whole they are just not for me,they are like beards,way too prevalent.
# 100 : Saturday 19-12-2015 @ 17:26
There was a female fitness trainer in my old gym who had a really classy tramp stamp. It said "Exit Only" just above her crack with an arrow pointing downwards.

It was a bit weird. She was a beautiful and really cool girl otherwise but that tatoo was nasty!
# 101 : Monday 4-4-2016 @ 23:42
I've got the bridge of my nose pierced, people always comment on it looking painful
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