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Site Problems / Server Issues
# 46 : Tuesday 19-12-2017 @ 06:25
I don't think my messages are going thru... No replies!!! Or I'm an outcast from the LGBTCD community
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# 47 : Sunday 25-2-2018 @ 23:56
Someone said :
Click Options

Click Privacy & Security

Under History click the drop down and select use custom settings for history

Then check that the tick box is ticked for

x Accept cookies from websites

and the keep until setting is "they expire"

In same section click Show Cookies...

Search for gaire and then click the remove all shown button

Hopefully that should work.

This evening I noticed that if I go to the site via a link (such as from typing the site's address into Google and clicking one of the links that the search returns), then I am logged in. However, if I open the site using the 'predictor' when I start typing the address in the address bar, I need to log in.
# 48 : Monday 26-2-2018 @ 00:32
You may be logged in on vs or vice versa.

Best to bookmark a link and stick to it.
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