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Nintendo Wii U Coming This November
# 1 : Thursday 13-9-2012 @ 19:28
The Wii U will launch across Europe on November 30th!!!

In terms of content, the bundles on offer in Europe are a standard package containing a white console and gamepad, 8GB of storage; then there is a premium black console package with 32GB of storage, a charging cradle and stands for both gamepad and console plus Nintendoland or Zombi U.

The premium package in Japan also comes with a 2 year promotion that gives you back 10% of your eshop purchases in either points or actual currancy (not sure which) but hopefully that will apply to Europe also.

Looking at the US / Japanese prices, I'd estimate the standard console will be €300 and the premium €350.

I'm definitely going to jump in (though maybe not this year) but I know a lot of people were burned with the Wii - will you be getting it?

Video Link :
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# 2 : Thursday 13-9-2012 @ 20:01
it's such a stupid fucking name.
# 3 : Thursday 13-9-2012 @ 21:42
The Revolution (original Wii name) was much better.
# 4 : Thursday 13-9-2012 @ 23:57
I don't know, it'll have the usual problems of there being nothing really to play at launch, although with New Super Mario Bros U having an interconnected world map (hopefully like Super Mario World's), I may be sold on it...

Reckon the 32GB one will be worth it for the extra 50 quid. Although it still doesn't seem like a lot of storage in this day and age. A lot of people have filled up 60GB X-Box hdd's, thanks to Rock Band songs and downloadable/installable retail games.
# 5 : Friday 14-9-2012 @ 00:15
You can also use your own SD cards and USB hard drives. Not ideal but better than MS' proprietary drives that cost a fortune.
# 6 : Friday 14-9-2012 @ 00:17
Oh that's quite nice, actually.
# 7 : Friday 14-9-2012 @ 05:55
Yep...I'll be pre-ordering it and getting it launch day
# 8 : Friday 14-9-2012 @ 10:47
think i will stick to my orginal wii
# 9 : Friday 14-9-2012 @ 12:17
I'm gonna wait for a price drop - just like I did with the XL - I want the premium but it's not worth 350 for 2004 tech - overpriced gimmicky controller aside.

# 10 : Friday 14-9-2012 @ 12:32
There was a bit of trouble over Bayonetta 2 being released as a Wii U exclusive.

Bayonetta 2 was basically not going to happen without Nintendo's help, but that's clearly not good enough for some people
# 11 : Friday 14-9-2012 @ 12:59
Could be a sign that Nintendo is serious about courting hardcore gamers again.
# 12 : Friday 14-9-2012 @ 14:48
I don't buy Nintendo Consoles because the tech is always shitty.
Still haven't seen any solid specs on this yoke but I would expect them to be average at best.
# 13 : Friday 14-9-2012 @ 15:21
From what I've read, it's more powerful than current gen offerings (360/PS3), but when Microsoft and Sony release their next generation of consoles, Nintendo will be lagging behind again.

That doesn't bother me so much, but they need to secure some good 3rd party support, which was the Wii's major problem (and now the 3DSs too).
# 14 : Friday 14-9-2012 @ 15:41
Because Nintendo are releasing their next console so much earlier than Microsoft and Sony, I think the Wii U is more so Current Gen.5 instead of next gen.
# 15 : Friday 14-9-2012 @ 18:05
Its definitely current gen but the extra RAM will add a bit of sparkle and polish to the games. Wii U will get multiplatform games for a year or two but could suffer the same fate as the Wii (no third party support) after that if the gulf is too wide specs wise.
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