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What's For Breakfast. ?
# 346 : Monday 4-9-2017 @ 06:56
Someone said :
Of course real fruit! But thanks, frenchie. Some good advice there, not sure about that chia because I am already usually prone to constipation.

Actually right now chia would be great, the antibiotics loosen my bowels a bit too much!

Water is always beside me, drink often

You can try a coffee spoonfull of chia (€10/kg in Aldi) in yahourt, and increase up to a soup spoonfull max, in 2 takes. Drinking at least a full glass of water with it.

Another les aggressive way of bulking up your stools, when you are in need, as an alternative of chia (not on top!) is Psyllium (husk or powder). But distinct taste!

For the chia, to get the best of it first stew it in either a bit of hat water, or coffee: it will absorb the water around it and create a gelatine-like subtsance, making it look like frog' eggs. Deliciously slurpy!
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# 347 : Monday 4-9-2017 @ 13:25
Rice crispies and raspberries.
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