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Sexual Element To Shaving Body Hair.
# 1 : Tuesday 25-9-2012 @ 16:14
Hey Guys,

New to this forum. Just wondering if anyone can explain the kick that alot of gay guys appear to get from shaving their body hair.

I have a friend with benefits who lives on the other side of the country. Whilst visiting him last week i unwrapped him to find everything was gone. Chest hair, pubes and stairway to heaven ( which I loved).

Totally freaked me out , like my men to be men, lol when i asked hom why he shaved the lot he just said out of boredom more than anything. I'm not buying it though!
# 2 : Tuesday 25-9-2012 @ 16:16
Love shaving pubes. Total hard on everytime.
# 3 : Tuesday 25-9-2012 @ 16:21
Does the enjoyment part come from the actually physical shaving or is it the feeling after wards?
# 4 : Tuesday 25-9-2012 @ 16:21
Holding the cock and gently shaving....MMMM
# 5 : Tuesday 25-9-2012 @ 16:42
You have a hairy cock?
# 6 : Tuesday 25-9-2012 @ 17:23
I really like body hair.
# 7 : Tuesday 25-9-2012 @ 17:34
Psychologically it seems, smoothness can almost be seen as a "secondary sex characteristic" for of a lot of gay men(not for me, but I have noticed it in others). The ritual of actually shaving yourself could be interpreted by ones self as a sort of personal rite taken for the purpose of sex i.e., the ritual of shaving yourself, in order to satisfy those who like smooth men, is telling yourself you're doing something in order to have sex some time in the future.

Perhaps another level might be conditioning. If you know you're going to have sex and you like to be smooth or you know your partner likes no hair you'd probably have a quick shave if you had time. If you were going to some LGBT event with hopes of meeting something, you might including shaving in your bathroom agenda that day/weekend. every time sex (and the experience of sex with a freshly shaves pair of balls) happens it would condition stronger and stronger the link od shaving balls >having sex.

Then on the final level, yes of-course your handling yourself and I imagine, feeling all sort of sensations pre and post shaving. This feels strange on your face, so One can easily imagine when it's happening all over an organ associated with mostly pleasure, or in Stephen Fry's case pleasure only (for pissing is an enjoyable experience), then well, what would you expect would happen? your testicles are saying "pleasurable sensations? I'll get my hat".

All in all you got a pretty potent sub conscious, conditioned and physical cocktail of 'erection on the beach'.

I would never shave my balls. for me personally, I think it's weird.
# 8 : Tuesday 25-9-2012 @ 18:17
I always shave my nuts and ass. I love smooth balls on other guys too.
# 9 : Tuesday 25-9-2012 @ 18:21
Trimmed pubes and shaved sack and crack all the way
# 10 : Wednesday 26-9-2012 @ 17:54
love shaving my cock and balls
boner while doing it and feels great after too
# 11 : Wednesday 26-9-2012 @ 18:01
Is this hairy cock problem very common?

How many people have hairy cocks?

Hairy ball - sure
Hair around the genital area - sure

Hairy cock that requires shaving???
# 12 : Wednesday 26-9-2012 @ 19:24
People associate the cock as being the entire genital area except for the "ball sack".

which, by the way you're just as guilty of:

A hairy ball?? I've never had a Hairy Ball !, If I had a hairy ball I'd consult a surgeon. perhaps one who is a specialist on hairs growing from internal organs

I do have hair on my ball sack though.
# 13 : Wednesday 26-9-2012 @ 19:39
Someone said :
People associate the cock as being the entire genital area except for the "ball sack".

People are wrong.

You need to learn how to quote, your post looks very confusing.
which, by the way you're just as guilty of

I did not say that ball is correct, i said 'sure' as in sure i can understand that refers to the scrotum.
Cock = penis. A penis does not, or should not have hair that requires shaving.

So, no. You are mistaken.

# 14 : Wednesday 26-9-2012 @ 19:43
well then your too selective in what you can and can't understand.
# 15 : Wednesday 26-9-2012 @ 19:46
I'm going to leave the mistake in because the gentleman made an especially good burn. (I usually read over my posts and check for things like that afterwards, that's why all my posts usually always say edited)



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