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The Classifieds...
# 1 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:04
Hey you guys... here's a question... does anyone have any idea why there's so many blokes pretending to be women on the classifieds... I've had some really good responses to the ad I placed, in Women seeking women, but I've had some interesting replies from both men and men pretending to be women...I'm a bit at a loss on this one..
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# 2 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:23
Maybe the breeders are getting jealous?

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# 3 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:26
' Lo Fetch

Hows things with u today? I dunno whats going on..I've responded to a lot of replies that I got but I've kinda given up now. I aint a man hater, far from it, but I'd prefer to keep men as mates, and ya can never have too many of them can ya?!
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# 4 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:27
Hi Cutiechick, I have no idea why blokes do that. I have a instance around 2 years ago where a "woman" answered an ad I'd placed. We got on brilliantly and were emailing for a couple of weeks and arranged to meet up. Before the meet "she" told me that there was something important that "she" had to tell me, that "she" was a man. I was gobsmacked and disappointed. Amazingly the guy still wanted to meet up "hadn't we gotten on brilliantly, why not still meet, it could be the start of something"! Talk about missing the point completely!!
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# 5 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:28
Hiya Cutiechick .
There are a lot of wierdos out there and it`s up to you to protect yourself .
Like for example how do we know you are not a male posing as a Female in order to trap or decieve a female .That is where common sence and self preservation steps in.
Treat ALL mail and invitations as highly suspicious until you are satisified the person you are corrisponding with is who they say they are.
If your not sure post a query and ask advise from the members.
Best of luck.
Mike.(Male )
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# 6 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:29
at least u get replies lol *****sob, sob,sob****

nah but serious i think str8 men r too thick to figure out that if a girl like well pussy she aint gonna change for a bit of meat now is she.........

oh the straight male race......
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# 7 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:33
Hey Shaggy& Caddy...good points made...I can assure you I am definitely female Mike!! I know its up to common sense at the end of the day but when something is put in writing I'd kinda like it adhered to, ya know.... Caddy, that sounds like my idea of hell on earth! How did you get outta that one?! And guys, I think of you all as mates here ok and as such, I respect any opinions or help that u give me...
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# 8 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:34
Hiya Caddy and Fetch and of course Shaggy
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# 9 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:41
Hey brigand, good to hear form ya...can you elaborate a bit on that post please...
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# 10 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:41
Maybe it is the way you're ad is worded Cutie. It sounds a bit like the type of ad a man would place pretending to be a woman.
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# 11 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:42
sorry...from ya not form...not sure its the blonde hair or the nail extensions that's the problem here lol...
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# 12 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:43
Hahaha well done Brig (on the ball/s and as sharp as ever )
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# 13 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:43
A lesbian with nail extensions! *Shudder*
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# 14 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:45
Hiya Polo
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# 15 : Wednesday 21-4-2004 @ 10:46
Howdy term, how's the ribs?
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