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Hospitals Are F*cked
# 31 : Thursday 14-3-2019 @ 23:02
A man in letterkenny hospital suffeeing from chroms disease died through inaction
Has apologised to the family and settled out of court - nobody sanctioned or fired !
The problem in the health service is they don't function, but they know they won't be affected.
If A person dies through malpractise or inaction doctors nurses and hse staff up to hospital directors should be fired no rights no pension!
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# 32 : Monday 6-5-2019 @ 06:45
It’s mad that varadker could contradict consultants on Waterford hospital for two days in the Meeja without any real interrogation and he has finally apologised a week later he’s completely wrong in what he said, in the past he would have had to resign for that sort of crap it now the age of trump so we must accept our leaders brain farts & bullshit and reporters don’t challenge them?
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