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NEW - Original Quotes - Circa 2012
# 106 : Sunday 25-11-2012 @ 10:00
"A platitude in quotes is still a platitude."
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# 107 : Sunday 25-11-2012 @ 10:25
Hairy, mad, a little pram, its faeces white as snow.
# 108 : Sunday 25-11-2012 @ 10:55
Someone said :
"A platitude in quotes is still a platitude."

- totally brilliant
# 109 : Sunday 25-11-2012 @ 21:04
if you dont break up with me i will break up with you
if you dont up that five grand to ten so he duly obliged
with a too old fashioned to get married retort
that swarmed me in a male storm of kajagoogoo
# 110 : Tuesday 8-4-2014 @ 00:03
As Sir Robert Menzies, former Australian prime minister and leader of the conservative Liberal Party, was giving a campaign speech in 1954, a heckler called out “Mr Menzies, I wouldn’t vote for you if you were the Archangel Gabriel”. Menzies shot back: “Madam, if I were the Archangel Gabriel, you would not be in my constituency.”
# 111 : Tuesday 8-4-2014 @ 21:44
QE2 to Michael D on hosting the Olympics and the Irish connections " And,it took someone of Irish descent,Danny Boyle,to get me to jump from a helicopter".
# 112 : Wednesday 3-9-2014 @ 18:48
"I am all for gender balance at the European Commission and elsewhere but it shouldn't stop Phil Hogan leaving the country." Oireachtas Retort on Twitter
# 113 : Wednesday 17-9-2014 @ 23:41
"The miners are hated by Thatcher, the police, and the tabloid press…who does that remind you of?" in Pride
# 114 : Sunday 21-9-2014 @ 11:35
7yr old paused in the middle of a sentence while he was thinking of what to say next. My 10yr old: "Hold on dad. He's just buffering"
# 115 : Friday 14-11-2014 @ 00:00
# 116 : Sunday 1-3-2015 @ 11:14
Someone said :
Putin has vowed to hunt down Boris Nemtsov’s killer. ‘Mark my words,’ he said. ‘I won’t get away with this. There’s nowhere for me to hide.’

# 117 : Wednesday 25-3-2015 @ 00:06
After Moncrieff had David iona in on Monday to rant about the evils of equality,Colm O Gorman on Tuesday,a texter to Newstalk asked. "You gave David an easy ride on Monday and an easy ride to Colm today,who are you going to ride tomorrow"?
# 118 : Wednesday 21-10-2015 @ 14:49
"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity".

-Hanlons Razor
# 119 : Saturday 19-12-2015 @ 18:28
"Slab Murphy is a good republican who is being treated unfairly"
From former IRA commander gerry adams on the notorious godfather of crime and terror slab murphy,suspected of torture,murder,intimidation and causing environmental disasters from his diesel operations,this is gerry's idea of a good man.
# 120 : Sunday 3-7-2016 @ 02:03
"Paul Daniels is famous for his cunning stunts, please welcome his wife Debbie Mc Gee who is known for her stunning costumes"
Mrs Merton/ Caroline Ahern.
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