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Do We Just Become Nul..
# 16 : Thursday 6-12-2012 @ 16:58
Someone said :

That's something that has to be learnrd, sometimes the hard way. It's understandable to think so until you know different..no?

I agree. You need to learn the hard way to toughen up. It's all part of life.

This is going to make me sound rather…erm..slutty, but I have kissed a lot of guys on nights out in the past two years that I have been single. Actually ended up dating one of the guys for a while. Not at any stage did I think to myself…oh this could be my new fella. I wasn’t in that I mindset. All I was doing was having some fun.

Sometimes it’s just nice to kiss someone on the dance floor during a night out rather than going home with that person. I firmly believe that a relationship will come find you when you are least expecting it.
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# 17 : Thursday 6-12-2012 @ 17:03
yea i see your point boggy and no its not slutty - but you are happy to do this - you do it for a bit of fun and maybe a bit of short term affection. but for others that kiss from you could be taken as a sign that you are interested in them and while it may mean nothing to you - to them it might.
unfortunately we dont go around and kiss a guy and then stand back and say - by the way, its only a kiss - its just the interpretation people take from it - suppose its the way we are as people, some fall in love too fast - others are stronger.
# 18 : Thursday 6-12-2012 @ 18:56
Someone said :

You thought 'what' was the real deal??
You never even met the guy?

In terms of honesty from online thing yes.
# 19 : Thursday 6-12-2012 @ 18:57
Someone said :
Am I the only one thinking the first post is a wind up ?

its far from a wind up..

# 20 : Thursday 6-12-2012 @ 19:07
Thanks for the advice.... .... I have had two relationships both totalling nearly 5 years with two guys who I met online so I compared the 1st guy who I mentioned in my post to the initial communications I had with those two lovers.

It is a genuine post - I dont expect the guy I kiss to become my civil partner, But I wouldnt kiss any one who I didnt find attractive initially because thats all you got to go on in the first place.

I am far from shy - I have plenty of exp. but because an ass is put on a slab for me I am thinking a) I dont have a personal connection with this guy b) he seemed to sex now, no question of condoms, so your left thinking how many lads has he captured in the toilets and call me old fashion but sex for me, full sex for me well I think you should really feel something for that person be it love or really like them but it shouldnt be just for lust or for the sake of it...for me not for everyone...

Thanks again for your advice

# 21 : Friday 7-12-2012 @ 02:11
Someone said :
the funny thing is I felt null, I didnt feel up set or annoyed, or happy nor did any of his gay friends say that was out of line they laughed.... do we just become null in the hunt for the nice genuine guy where there is a conncection and initial attraction ?

If you feel nothing, then there was nothing there.
If it is not meant to be then it is not meant to be.
# 22 : Friday 7-12-2012 @ 16:28
i fell null because of the other incidents that happend me
# 23 : Friday 7-12-2012 @ 16:33
# 24 : Friday 7-12-2012 @ 16:51
Someone said :

Empty? Dead inside?
# 25 : Friday 7-12-2012 @ 16:56
# 26 : Friday 7-12-2012 @ 18:42
Someone said :
i fell null because of the other incidents that happend me

You are better off
feeling nothing
and never getting your hopes up
and always being skeptical
because most people are very confused about everything.

Having this attitude doesn't lessen the chances that you will meet your soul-mate/perfect match.
If you want to have a relationship with someone other than your soul-mate/perfect match then continue to torture yourself.
# 27 : Saturday 8-12-2012 @ 00:44
thanks for all the nice comments
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