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Dating Advice
# 31 : Monday 24-12-2012 @ 21:04
I;m gonna give friends a chance Just so I can say I;ve tried it.

tells friends if they find someone they know is gay and are "your type" that you wouldnt mind it if they meddled a bit and tried to fix you up.

you're friends should mind their own business

you're not some schmuck who needs friends to organize dates for you

you;re circle of friends know more people then you do

if they're your friends and 'their' friends then they'll have ye're best interests at heart,

if it dosen't go well you have the perfect excuse: "tsk! friends they try their best but they don't know anything about being gay".
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# 32 : Monday 7-3-2016 @ 23:41
Old post here but just incase any readers are looking for something speed dating is now quite regular in Dublin!
# 33 : Monday 7-3-2016 @ 23:50
I often wonder how I would fair at the old speed dating....
Honestly think I would take a fit of the nervous giggles..
# 34 : Monday 7-3-2016 @ 23:54
Its really interesting to meet so many people arriving that act so differently, some nervous, some quiet, some really outgoing and some you just cant get them to stop talking. But usually after the first 2 dates...or drinks people usually get into the swing of it.
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