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Gaire: The House Party
# 1 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 00:42
Just listening to this vdZZ02gtbFU and thought wouldn't it be great if one of you lovelies had a house party?? this thread will prob get deleted
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# 2 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 00:48
Why dont you have one?
# 3 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 00:57
Get to Waterford so
# 4 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 00:59
for just you and me bbj? sounds delish :P ...
I'd like to think i would have one if i were renting a house but as i'm renting an apartment it's a tad small. dunno if i would if i owned the house though... but don't let that put you off, i'm sure nothing bad will happen
# 5 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 01:03
oh yeah i forgot not everyone is from dublin... waterford it is so...
# 6 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 15:36
Like anything, sometimes it;s easy to imagine someone can make a suggestion and "gaire" will consider it.
but as I found (as guest planner of gaire meets). Planning something on gaire is as simple as planning it yourself and seeing who comes.

you can use a poll to find out if enough people are free. If it's a house party then I suggest food, lots of seats and a game or two for backup if it's quiet. Plan the party somewhere quite incase it's very busy and their are neighbors. See who is theoretically available, then try get at last half a dozen 'definites' then you're golden.
# 7 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 17:05
a game?? hope you mean a drinking game... anyway how could it be dull witha house full of fags and alcohol.
# 8 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 17:06
Ive had plenty of Gaire house partys and pre-meet sessions in my place. It can be a good laugh.
# 9 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 17:13
you've been holding out on me all this time!! time to make amends!
# 10 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 17:21
Someone said :
you've been holding out on me all this time!! time to make amends!

I think the only solution is for Greenmanpp to organise a house party at BBJ's place....Sorted
# 11 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 17:27
sounds like a plan!! what u think bbj?? ur time to shine lol
# 12 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 17:29
Nah, we need a new venue. Mine has been trashed enough.
# 13 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 17:35
Someone said :
Nah, we need a new venue. Mine has been trashed enough.

The one thing Greenmanpp left of his list a doorman.
# 14 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 17:35
dont look at me; I live in Mayo.
# 15 : Sunday 6-1-2013 @ 19:38
I've had a couple of Gaire parties in my gaff when I lived in town. The trouble with house parties is getting there. Few enough people live in a central location.
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