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Loyalist Protest Outside Leinster House
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# 1 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 18:50
Around 150 loyalists are planning to visit Dublin this Saturday where they will "sarcastically" call for the Irish flag to be lowered in protest over the decision by Belfast City Council to fly the Union flag on designated days at city hall

Sinn Féin, Fianna Fáil and Labour have called on them to cancel this protest which they are calling a stunt, whilst elsewhere the usual groups you would expect are gearing up for some trouble a la the "Love Ulster" march incident

I say welcome the loyalist down,make them tea and sandwiches, hear what they have to say and let them go in peace ....

Your thoughts lads, will this be a blood bath, is this a valid protest?

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# 2 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 18:53
I dont think it's a valid protest but it doesn't stop me from supporting it in principle. I'm not sure how sensible it is in reality, though. I love the sarcasm.
# 3 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 19:09
pipe bombs at schools and collusiun with ruc\uvf/psni/uff/mi5/mi6/rhc/brit army/gardai and dont forget the ROYAL IRISH CONSTABULARY are all my orange dipped cousins are capable of as a spectacular,our day will most certainly come hail fine gail by the way southies
# 4 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 19:20
Sounds like a valid protest. We should welcome them. If scumbags in track suits decide to torch cars on Nassau Street again we remember that the scumbags are the problem, not the loyalists.
# 5 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 19:22
Not sure about the tea and biscuits treatment. I think this needs to be greeted with a shrug by everyone in Dublin, no counter protests, no shouting of slogans, just treat them like a tiny group doing a stunt, let them parade around a bit, shout a bit and then go home.
If on the other hand they are intent on causing violence, thats what the riot squad are for.
# 6 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 19:24
I gave you a hand with your poll
# 7 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 19:25
I don't think it's a valid protest, just think it's pathetic.
# 8 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 19:32
i dont have a problem if the union jack flies over Belfast city hall 365 days a year - whether we like it or not - its still part of united kingdom until the will of the majority changes that - for the time being they signed up to work together to live in peace aware of this.

brining 150 demonstrators to dublin isnt goin to change the situation - it will just cost the state here loads of money in garda overtime and give the press something to do on saturday - all hoping for the big riot to happen to sell pics for big bucks.
# 9 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 19:36
The vast majority, including myself, will get on with their daily lives. Unfortunately we will probably have a few small minded retards who want to welcome them with bricks and bottles.
The best outcome would be for everyone to let them get on with their little protest and get back on their buses and go home. But i think they are hoping that it will kick off like it did last time, to cause some chaos on the streets of Dublin and to cost the taxpayer more money.

The Love Ulster march was organised by the same guy.
He knows what is likely to happen.
The scumbags on the street are probably delighted that they will get another opertunity to destroy their own city and attack their own police.
# 10 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 19:37
Could they not just fly the tricolour and union jack together?

It'll be a nice start to the gathering anyway.
# 11 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 19:37
why dont they just leave the thing up or take it down altogher,its either up or its down,they should have known this would be the response,a bunch of hoodies kickin off for the sake of it,no loyalties to anyone just bored kids being directed by the subversives hiding behind doors.
# 12 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 19:44
Someone said :
Could they not just fly the tricolour and union jack together?

It'll be a nice start to the gathering anyway.

I was thinking the same thing about flying the tri colour and union jack together up North.
I suppose the genie is out of the bottle now.

A gathering event. Hmmm
# 13 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 19:46
theres a nationalist majority in the council and they wanted the flag removed completey forever. the alliance party got an agreement that it be flown only on designated days. its all a bit petty really and has stirred up shit that no one needs. its a british flag over a british city hall- end of. (some see it as an irish city but its technically on british governed soil) i like many others hope that may change some day and that an irish flag will fly over belfast city hall - but thats not the way it is now. we had a sinn fein lord mayor of belfast who spent a whole year in office last year and no mention of flags.

# 14 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 19:48
i wonder will they travel in buses from Belfast?
saw that a Wexford bus got torched last week in Befast
payback time no doubt will be thought of by some if they do
# 15 : Monday 7-1-2013 @ 20:10
No doubt there will be a load of hoodies waiting to start a riot on Saturday. Sure let them come, have there protest, and go home but no doubt something will kick off .... all this over a flag either take it down all together or just leave it up there's worse things going on in the world
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