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Under The HOMOPHOBIC Tree At SPAR ...
# 31 : Friday 1-2-2013 @ 20:33
Any update on this story lads ?

Have the lads claims been vindicated yet, i know there was supposed to
be a garda investigation in to cctv ?
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# 32 : Saturday 2-2-2013 @ 05:44
I certainly wouldn't boycott the store. I'd just say to be ourselves and don't let one homophobe' employee ruin it for the rest of 'em.

If only I were young and the restless I'd be in a Spar now makin' out with a diff' guy every other week just to prove my point!
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# 33 : Saturday 2-2-2013 @ 09:07
Someone said :

If only I were young and the restless I'd be in a Spar now makin' out with a diff' guy every other week just to prove my point!

Prove what point?
The guy who made the homophobic comments was fired.
Unless you believe the rest of the staff or the management are homophobic i don't understand why you would bother?

Most people dont like PDA in their face, no matter if its hetro or homo couples.
# 34 : Saturday 2-2-2013 @ 10:41
I think Dubfit might have been a little sarcastic there

I agree that full on PDA's in public are too much but I still think that the two lads weren't wearing the face off each other in the middle of that Spar shop. Sounds like it was just a kiss on the lips which you see all couples around the place doing. Queue homophobic security guy and it all kicks off.

It's strange that there has still been no update from Spar themselves so that we can all know EXACTLY what happened.
# 35 : Saturday 2-2-2013 @ 11:41
Ah they could have been sucking each other for all we know, we can't assume anything really.
# 36 : Saturday 2-2-2013 @ 11:53
went in there last sat night for a box of ciggies on my way to g. i had no issues goin in there as :

1. there has still being no clear confirmation of what happened that night and i dont believe yet that this incident 'just happened' over two guys snogging.

2. It was not SPAR or the person with the franchise who has been found guilty of any policy of homophobia. i dont think anyone that goes through an interview process is asked specifically if they are homophobic so they would have no evidence that this one particular secutity had 'homophobic ' tendancies - if that is even proved. if he did use the word faggot, then it is derogatory but i wont label it homophobic until i know the full facts. He may have used it to be insulting, which it was, but it doesnt prove he has a hatred or fear of homosexuals, which homophobia is in its true definintion. Yet i do think if he did use it, he should be fired as the message does need to go out that using words like this (nigger, Knacker, faggot) is a racial insult.
3. all boycotting would do is jeprodise the jobs of the other staff members and futher a frame of mind that 'SPAR' encourages or supports homophobia - which i have no evidence it does.
# 37 : Saturday 2-2-2013 @ 16:36
I think it would be good idea to give the employee a chance to apologise to the guys and if he wants to keep his job he should be made to attend some sort if gay volunteer gay group
# 38 : Monday 11-2-2013 @ 22:15
From the Gay Dublin Facebook page. Not sure if this is 100% confirmed though.


So it has emerged that the infamous incident that occurred in Spar over 2 weeks ago was a fabrication and lie by the 2 gay men involved. It has turned out after a thorough investigation involving viewing CCTV and several interviews that the 2 gay men were too drunk and started an altercation with the security guard. It was all a lie. Shame on them. They have brought sheer embarrassment to our community. The security guard involved probably lost many nights sleep over this and could have been faced with disciplinary action which he never should have had to. He could of even lost his job. What disgusting individuals these 2 men are, hopefully people will let them know of that fact if they are to ever show their faces around.
Remember everyone, there is always 2 sides to every story, and never EVER jump on the bandwagon until the truth is told.
# 39 : Monday 11-2-2013 @ 22:18
Although that doesn't sound very surprising, it also doesn't sound very objective either. Doesn't seem like we're going to get an unbiased assessment.
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# 40 : Monday 11-2-2013 @ 22:22
All the "fuss" died down quickly enough, so it got me wondering if the incident really happened in the first place.
# 41 : Monday 11-2-2013 @ 22:26
Wasn't a complaint made to the guards? If they made a false statement they could get themselves in trouble. Do we know who exactly is behind this latest announcement?
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# 42 : Monday 11-2-2013 @ 22:28
The Gay Dublin Facebook page posted it earlier, but I am not 100% sure of their sources though.
# 43 : Monday 11-2-2013 @ 22:30
The precautions against jumping on bandwagons still apply to the new information.
# 44 : Monday 11-2-2013 @ 22:31
I'm not being funny (I don't do Facebook), but should "Gay Dublin Facebook page" mean anything to me?
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# 45 : Monday 11-2-2013 @ 22:34
It's just a Faceook page similar to Dublin Pride, Outhouse etc, from what I can see.
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