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Google Glass - Your Thoughts
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# 1 : Friday 1-3-2013 @ 13:39

Google Glass (or simple 'Glass') is coming soon. It's essentially a smartphone in a pair of [ugly] spectacles. Google founder Sergei Brin said that using a smartphone is emasculating and that Glass is the solution. I'm not sure how wearing glasses is more manly but whatever.

While tech fans are loving it, critics are pointing out that the success of the product when it's eventually launched all depends not on the user but on the people around the user. In other words, if Glass isn't accepted as 'cool' by society, then it just won't take off. (I imagine that Glass wearers will be seen as just plain rude and that may put them off it more than anything.)

Your thoughts?

What it's like to wear Glass:

Sergei's demo:
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# 2 : Friday 1-3-2013 @ 13:44
That looks kind of annoying to me.
# 3 : Friday 1-3-2013 @ 14:13
I saw one of the previews and it does look kinda cool but I can't see it taking off really.

It's a bit pretentious!
# 4 : Friday 1-3-2013 @ 14:14
Having that little screen constantly on your eye can't be good.
# 5 : Friday 1-3-2013 @ 14:34
I would have a big problem with them in a social setting. I hate plain old photo cameras never mind always on video cameras. They say that a red light shows when the glasses are recording but that could be hacked I imagine. At least with a cellphone you know when you are being recorded.
# 6 : Friday 1-3-2013 @ 14:38
cant wait to check them out, i think they really could have a massive impact socially aswell as in the media,however at the moment i still think its a bit clunky and cumbersome and would draw too much attention to the wearer

id love one of the iwatches though
# 7 : Friday 1-3-2013 @ 16:46
Google has it's LA offices which includes the engineering dept. about five minutes from where I live. You see people wearing these all the time walking around.
I'd like to try one!
# 8 : Friday 1-3-2013 @ 16:49
Well you just gonna have to rob them then!
# 9 : Friday 1-3-2013 @ 23:26
In another few years this will have progressed to a tiny chip attached to the head or under the skin and the screen will be a hologram in front of your eyes.
Or else they will be able to make the screen appear on your hand when you want it to.
It's amazing.
# 10 : Saturday 2-3-2013 @ 02:07
Sergey Brin! Never saw him speak before. Now I know why. He has the charisma of a wilted lettuce.

Anyways, that demo was really interesting because it really got across that Glass is a piece of shit that consists of nothing more than a camera streaming. You could tape an iPhone to your forehead and get the same effect. Sergey thinks it's great to use in large Google hangouts, and if I ever participate in multi-user Google hangouts that don't crash instantly I will stop laughing at his demo.

# 11 : Saturday 2-3-2013 @ 02:33
Someone said :
Glass is a piece of shit that consists of nothing more than a camera streaming. You could tape an iPhone to your forehead and get the same effect.

# 12 : Saturday 2-3-2013 @ 02:42
Don't mind Wheelie, he's just upset because Sergey said Google Glass will help fight the antisocial and "emasculating" habit of compulsive smartphone checking.
# 13 : Tuesday 17-6-2014 @ 08:32
Google Glass wearers are being 'discriminated' against.
These are just not going to take off.

Hilarious report on The Daily Show.
# 14 : Tuesday 1-5-2018 @ 13:25
I got one

Mostly useful these days for taking videos and pics from first person view

Still...I love gadgets, so yaaaaay
# 15 : Tuesday 1-5-2018 @ 17:00
How much was that Jaysus?
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